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Transatlantic TelePresence Chat with Guy Kawasaki #ideaimpresa

May 19, 2011 - 7 Comments

I love it when technology helps connect people. I love it when I can finally see the person I’ve been talking to on the phone and via email for months. I love it when distance becomes irrelevant in sharing knowledge and opinions in real time….even when we’re continents apart.

That’s why I loved every minute of yesterday’s virtual event our Italian team (@CiscoItalia) hosted with Guy Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki). The concept was simple: connect ~30 Cisco guests in Italy with US social media personality, Guy Kawasaki for an hour of social media pow wow. Did I mention without any travel? The event was delivered over TelePresence in 3 different locations: Milan, Rome and Santa Clara TelePresence Suites (@TelePresence) as part of the Italian team’s #ideaimpresa initiative. This program aims at showcasing new ways to collaborate – wherever we are.

Questions ranged from tips for small medium businesses (SMBs) to the ever-so-popular question: are we overwhelming our fans and followers with information? Guy had an interesting point of view on this: “What some people may perceive as too much noise, I view as democracy. It’s a much better situation than too few. You decide where and how you want to play.” I also thought his comparison of the state of the web 15 years ago to the state of social media for B2Bs today was very clever. His point was that many B2Bs didn’t see the value of having a web site 15 years ago but look at them now.

And last but not least, he provided some guidance on how to use technology to enchant your customers from his new book, Enchantment:

1)      Respond fast
2)      Interact with many people (not just your “A listers”)
3)      Make social core to everything you do

If you want to learn more tips from Guy, check out the @CiscoSocial Twitter stream from yesterday’s event  or take a short break and watch this 3-minute video.

Congratulations to @CiscoItalia and thanks to our Santa Clara TelePresence Suite team for a great event!

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  1. Very interesting chat ! I learned a lof things in it ;) I'll follow @ciscoSocial ASAP !

  2. TelePresence experience is pretty awesome, TelePresence with Guy has been an unforgettable moment. Thank you for sharing your tips with the italian crowd from Vimercate (yes, it's a quite bizarre name for a city, as Guy noticed :D). We will wait you to come to Italy to drive you to Lamborghini factory in Sant'Agata, driving a Ferrari obviously. :D

  3. Petra, It's actually shorter than what the people in South San Jose go thru! Sent an email to CD. No response yet. Did he see the part about "fast"? :-) Guy

  4. What do you mean no travel? I had to drive 25 minutes to the Cisco campus. :-) Guy

    • LOL, good's more like a regular commute than real travel :-). Thanks again for joining us!!!

    • Guy, When you come to enchant your Canadian friends here at Cisco, let me know and we can setup a hockey game for you where the Leafs train, and perhaps convert you to wave the Blue and White flag. :) Satoshi