The new, improved Cisco web site (and some work ahead, too)

October 11, 2010 - 7 Comments

Amid last week’s flurry of big announcements from Cisco (including Borderless Networks and ūmi telepresenece), you may have also noticed some big updates to, including some new cross-site navigational features and redesigns of some key pages.

We actually started the process last spring, with an update to the home page navigation, and continued last week with updates to the look and navigation across’s areas for technology, for business and for your home.

Here are some before and after pictures of the journey, starting with the home page from last March.

Before: Home page in March, 2010 (with a single menu for products, support and other areas): Home Page March 2010

Next: Home page from April, 2010 (with new menus):

Now: Home page from October, 2010 (showing products for the Enterprise):

Enterprise Products Megamenus

Now: Home page from October, 2010 (showing products from your Home):

Now: Home page from October, 2010 (showing a richer support menu including a search by product):

Support Megamenu on the home page

While these “megamenus” have been on the home page since April, we have improved them and last week put them on most all pages on The result is that you can more quickly navigate across the site and get things done faster.

We’ve also updated the pages to include helpful links at the bottom of each page, and we’ve outright redesigned some areas, such as the Data Center area, to provide quicker access to both technical and overview information:

Data Center Before:

Data Center After:

Another update we made is to our consumer area, where you can find ūmi telepresence, home networking products, Flip video cameras and more.

For Your Home (Linksys): Before:

For Your Home: (Home page) After:

We’ve added other features to the new which I will write about in coming weeks.

I should mention one thing we haven’t done yet, but which is coming very soon:  The toolbar that we added to the bottom of the browser frame was originally intended to be collapsible, so you could move it out of the way when you don’t need it. This toolbar is the new home of My Cisco, and gives space to add additional tools and features in the future. We weren’t able to incorporate the collapse feature by the time we had to launch, but it’s coming very soon.

Floating toolbar

Enjoy our new site updates, and stay tuned for more.

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  1. The toolbar needs a kill switch.

    Can you restrict the fancy stuff to the product pages and keep the support area clean and easy to navigate. Every time you redesign the site, all the partners have hours of lost productivity while we all try to find things again.

    Also, the practice of putting all the support documentation in arbitrary buckets, most of which make no sense, is a hindrance. I have said so when surveyed, but not sure this thing is on. Can I please have an “all” button that just shows me everything? Then I can do a page search, which is much faster than looking in every bucket for what I want.

    • Hi. Tried to reply but your emailed bounced. We’re removing the toolbar. Just working on some technical implementation details so it will take a little while. In the meantime, you can collapse it and it will stay collapsed.

      We’re doing a lot of work on the support areas to simplify things and make them more straightforward, so stay tuned there. Welcome your continued comments!

  2. If you click on the “collapse” arrow at the left of the toolbar, it will collapse to a tiny size.

  3. Please do something about the bottom toolbar – it makes search impossible in Firefox.

    • Yes, we are going to make the bottom toolbar collapsible. This was a feature that almost made it into the release but got held back for various reasons, so look for it very soon.

      • I have yet to see how the toolbar adds value. It comes across as engineering for the sake of “Hey look what we can do”.

        How about making the it an opt-in feature for those of us looking for a clean, answers-focused site and not a sophomoric attempt to copy Digg?

  4. Good stuff, Martin. I’m sure visitors appreciate the mega-menus.