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The Future of Consuming

July 25, 2011 - 4 Comments

Hate waiting in lines or navigating through crowds at the grocery story? Loathe trying on clothes and accessories? Want to make the most of your time at all times? The good news is there are technology breakthroughs poised to make your shopping experiences easier and quicker!

In South Korea a genius solution is in place to maximize your time when waiting for a subway. A new solution uses augmented reality to bring the supermarket to you so you can shop while you wait. Called E-Marts, these virtual stores are stocked by supermarkets like European grocery store giant Tesco and Home Plus – but they sell their goods via interactive pictures on subway platforms.

Not only does this solution provide convenience for shoppers but it also has significant impact for the supermarkets. When launched the online sales for the providers increased by 130%. This sales leap was realized without any additional infrastructure from the providers. Imagine growing your business without having to open another store front, hiring additional staff, or maintaining another warehouse for inventory.

This isn’t the only breakthrough poised to transform our shopping experiences. For anyone who loathes searching the racks, hitting the dressing room and (ugh) trying on clothes there is a solution on the horizon. One of my fellow bloggers, Marlowe Fenne, wrote a great post on how Cisco solutions are the backbone for making this concept a reality.

Jade Jagger for Indiska Fashions decided to leverage the virtual dressing room to engage the consumer. To make the experience more tangible they leveraged augmented reality and created a virtual dressing room for the Swedish brand. They enabled the visitors to try the clothes and also get models to catwalk just for them.

These examples demonstrate how technology can assist in making us all more productive. Time is precious and these solutions get us all a bit more time back in our days to spend with family and loved ones.

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  1. These technologies look incredible, and looks like the future is right now. But won’t this affect our ability to socialize? We have online friends, online markets, everything in on the net, so there’s no reason to go outside. Do we save time, or do we create a high tech, multi-touch screen panel around us?

    • Hi Mia, Interesting comment. In my opinion these technologies would give me more time to be with my loved ones, outside, and partaking in activities I enjoy way more than shopping. I expect that what one does with the time gained from leveraging these technologies is subject to their personal preference. Regards, Dannette

  2. Nice idea re: the supermarkets in the subway – but surely it is easier to do the supermarket shop on an app on your phone? Then it is available to you whether you’re waiting for the train or anywhere else with a couple of minutes to spare.

    • Hi Lyndsey, Yes one could totally implement an online mobile supermarket. However I like the idea of still browsing a large screen interface/aisle and seeing the products life size before making a decision. It just seems easier to me than having to scroll/paging through a small screen like my phone. Regards, Dannette