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Telepresence Comes Knocking

February 4, 2010 - 3 Comments


homeTP     If you are reading this, there is a good chance you have used a Cisco Telepresence system to make sales calls or review details with clients. The effect that Telepresence has had on the corporate world has been undeniable.  The unprecedented success of Cisco Telepresence is now expanding outside of the corporate office and into a living room near you.  

Recently, at Cisco Live Europe Barcelona, Cisco VP Marthin De Beer demoed one of new in-home Telepresence units to attendees.  The new units are small enough to fit next to your cable box, while the HD camera sits on top of your television.    Dialing out to a friend, the images were crisp and clear.   You can imagine sitting in your living room, and quickly dialing up a family member or friend for a video chat.   The ability to experience the quality of telepresence from a couch rather than the boardroom is a new frontier.   Thinking about seeing my nieces running around on my LED TV, while being able to interact with other family at the same time, is a scenario that many folks can relate to.   

The in-home TP units will connect to special internet lines that can deliver the bandwidth needed for a quality TP experience.   Currently, Verizon is in talks with Cisco to deliver this special internet service to the home user.   This bandwidth will allow the delivery of 1080P HD video quality, ensuring a life-like experience.   Home users can now experience the cost savings of less travel, while still remaining close to family members. 

Thinking about Cisco Live Virtual, perhaps these new units could be configured to receive live webcasts, virtually transporting the home viewer to the Cisco Live conferences.    Imagine adding in some of the new 3D technology, which would only further enhance the virtual experience.   

If you missed the demo, you can view it right now, on-demand.   Log into and create and account if you do not already have one.  The keynotes are free, as well as other select sessions.      

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  1. The blog was absolutely fantastic!I am really very impress with your article.Your tips are extremely valuable.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the comment Bob! Agree, once people who are not exposed to Telepresence experience it the home, it will be welcomed with open arms.

  3. Daniel, I use Telepresence every week at work and I’m certain kids, parents and grandparents will definitely enjoy and appreciate the high definition and immersive experience. Family time”” using Telepresence sounds like the next killer app! I can see a WII option coming soon!”