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Cisco Gets Lively and the 2008-2009 TechChat Schedule

August 14, 2008 - 0 Comments

I have gotten a lot of comments and emails from folks lately asking if we have closed shop in Second Life. The resounding answer is NO, just taking a break after Cisco Live. I think we burnt the candle at both ends for that event and it is taking a while to recuperate, lol. So to lay any fears to rest about our long term intentions in Second Life I am please to publish the September 2008 – May 2009 Cisco Live in Second Life TechChat schedule.The schedule for Cisco Live Second Life TechChats is as follows:25 September 2008 “Secure Unified Communications”21 October 2008 “Enterprise Class Teleworker (ECT)”20 November 2008 “Cisco Application eXtension Platform (AXP)”16 December 2008 “Identity Enabled Networks”27 January 2009 “ASR 20G”26 February 2009 “DLP”24 March 2009 “The Secure Data Center”14 May 2009 “SAFE”Couple of questions for you folks reading this:1) Any time in particular you prefer for these events, we have held them at 1200 PDT in the past but I wonder if our European friends would like an earlier time so they could attend?2) Any subjects not on the list that you are keen to hear more technical information on?I will post more details on the September 25th TechChat closer to the event date. Of course, for those who can’t join us in-world for the TechChat it will be streamed live to this blog as well as to the Cisco Live Virtual events page. I am very excited to announce that on the Cisco Live Virtual events page you will not only be able to watch the live stream but you will be able to participate in the back chat to ask questions of our speakers and network with your fellow attendees!

Now let’s get Lively…I have been dibbling and dabbling in Google’s Lively platform (which really needs to get Mac and Linux friendly IMO) and much like before Cisco was in Second Life there are all ready folks creating Cisco CCIE, CCNA, and technical discussion rooms of all sorts. So it seems like high time for us to go ahead and dip our toes in this water.That being said I would like to ask you to come on out and join us on Tuesday, August 26th from 0900-1100 Pacific Time to share your thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see Cisco doing in Lively, or other virtual worlds for that matter. Bring your event requests to the table and let’s see what kind of synergy we can create! Just click below to access “Dannette’s Cisco Hub”.Can’t make it to the Cisco Lively event? Please submit your thoughts on what you would like to see Cisco doing in this space as a comment to this blog. YOUR feedback determines the future course of our virtual world events and efforts, so we want to hear from you.

PS WOW is another space I am keen to hear from Cisco users about…Are you in WOW? Do you want us to be? I would enjoy questing with our Cisco customers in this space for sure…if I can ever get myself to stop with the Civ III all ready!

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