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Spime Design Workshops in Second Life at Cisco Works

May 19, 2009 - 1 Comment

“We have friends of friends networks and reputation scores when we trade online. We share our preferences and our tag clouds as well we make sure that we are recognized in our professional lives in a given social network or even our hourly updates of what is going on with our lives are known to the entire world. It is once again not a coincidence but is a necessity as these tools become widely available geography disappears.Ideas flow freely in the flat world we are inhabiting and this flow of ideas is enabled by the tools reinforcing the message. Especially in online worlds of which SecondLife is an excellent example, go in an entirely new forceful direction with the concept of extending the frontiers of where a corporation must tread and dare to tread. Because in an online world not only in the ‘traditional Internet with Blogs’ for example, you can go on and eliminate the differences between provider and consumer, between seller and customer. In online worlds you start to and involve what used to be called a client at even earlier stages in co-designing your next generation products. Together with whoever cares enough to invest their time. To invest their creativity from whatever you want to earn then and profit from”. David Orban, Chief Evangelist, WideTag and host and moderator of the Spime Design WorkshopsI am sharing one of David’s many interesting observations with you because of the implied given opportunities that present themselves in the near future remain dependant upon your organizations willingness to disrupt, change or shape itself. The increasingly expanding scope necessary to adopt and craft our performance in our virtual rolls will ultimately develop goodwill and trust between clients and customers as we share and experience our digital stories together. A Spime Design Workshop was hosted virtually in SecondLife on CSSB2. Cisco’s private employee Island. A second workshop in a series scheduled this year is a highly interactive and collaborative event focused on ‘The Internet of Things’. David Orban’s provocative presentation clearly articulated the creative opportunities to think globally and locally while organized in to small groups rapidly brainstorm, develop Spime applications or solutions. At the conclusion present models and slides to each other under David moderation and guidance of course. Photos of the event on Spime Design Workshop at Cisco Photos.The caliber of some of the attendees representing Italy, Canada and various places around the U.S. was phenomenal. Several Cisco employees attended in real life while watching passively while others interacted virtually with their Avatars. During the live workshop some people came prepared in advance to discuss their ideas with prebuilt virtual Spime models and presentations for real world solutions for Social Sensor Spimes, I.E. Medical: tracking and finding the start of pandemic level viruses. Green: large scale granular aggregation Spimes by creating reflexive architecture for building towers that could dynamically change multiple user experiences on demand by altering it’s physical shape, leveraging its energy footprint as atmospheric conditions evolved. Remarkably this was achieved virtually in SecondLife on the fly. We were most fortunate as the virtual environment accelerated the collaborative process furthermore by the array of professionals representing a cross section of disciplines from Designers, Art Directors, Software Coders, Architects, Analyst and Futurist. Also during the workshop, even though some attendees knew of each other had yet to meet in real life were leveraging their Social Capital with Web2.0 by also communicating live with many followers around the world on multiple Twitter, Blog, YouTube and other social media accounts. After the workshop several attendees stayed for a post workshop gathering to talk shop at a nearby guest house on the water and we even went for a boat ride. Dennis

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  1. Interesting.I joined secondlife about a year ago to start an online business after reading that it made the first ever virtual millionaire.I had great difficulties using it and gave up. Though in time i think it will only become better and bigger.