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Spime Design Workshops in Second Life

February 27, 2009 - 0 Comments


The OpenSpime project by WideTag on the Internet Of Things has announced a new series of of events, the Spime Design Workshops in Second Life. The hosting of the event is a collaborative effort between WideTag, Cisco, Feeding Edge, in association with Eightbar, L’Ecole de Design, ScienceSIM and will be extending to other organizations in the coming months. The natural extension of the Spime Design Workshops into Second Life on top of the real live workshops has it’s advantages since events in virtual worlds eliminate travel time and the associated cost. The interactive collaborative events will be held each month at a different location hosted by a different entity. They start at 1 PM PST and last about 3 hours. 3 – 4 groups with 4 – 5 people will begin with a provocative assignment and concentrate mostly on the brainstorming and at the end present their ideas and findings.The workshops can accommodate a limited number of participants for free. Be sure to make a reservation with this application form. You will be contacted with the details for the workshop of your choice. The first workshop is starting next week and there are couple of positions available. Knowing how to create Spimes has a competitive advantage whether your a designer, developer, engineer, analyst or in sales and marketing. Strategic branding can use Spimes in real or virtual tradeshows and events to reveal and link an object to allow interactive or passive experiences to acquire historical knowledge about everything you wanted to know about it. How can Cisco use The Human Network Effect and Spimes to collaborate together with others at these workshops and more importantly thinks about the Internet of Things? The business opportunity is on a magnitude of scale so disruptive entire processes how we manage and manufacture consumer products, commoditize search for mining unique objects by enabling smart networks to operate on auto-pilot, how tools are prototyped virtually for rapid fabrication on demand in real life, leveraging GPS to locate and visualize or increase sustainable ‘Cradle to cradle’ recycling of objects. Spime Design Workshops offer an abundance of opportunity right here and now to design the shape of space and time.

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