Some Updates to Product Pages

September 17, 2011 - 3 Comments

You may notice this weekend that we’re doing some updates to the product series and model pages on These are simple and subtle changes, but we think they’ll make it easier and quicker to get to the information you need.

I’ll write more later, but here’s a preview and a quick overview:

Series and Models Update View

1 – Pictures enlarge more gracefully, but still open in a separate box so you can keep browsing around.
2 – Most important links now featured at the top of the page, for easy access.
3 – Comparisons and other key features made more obvious.
4 – Facebook Like and other features in a new standard location
5 – Streamlined Let Us Help and Contact information, which also routes to different places depending on the product and your role.
6 – All the key support you rely on.

Enjoy — and if you have additional suggestions or notice anything is amiss, send us a note via the “Feedback” link that’s at the bottom of every page.

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  1. Some nice tweaks.

    Pity all that work goes to waste due to links that go to a http 404.

    • Hi Paul, we actualyy have an ongoing team working on the problem of broken links on, which I know from personal experience (and from a lot of feedback over the months) is very frustrating.
      As you can imagine, a lot of content changes on on a regular basis — and there are a lot of pages to shepherd — but we know that’s not an excuse for broken links.

      • Martin —

        I’ve been contacted each and every time I’ve submitted a 404 page/link, so kudos to your team for staying on top of it. If nothing else, it’s reinforced the habit of taking the 30 seconds to fill out the form when hitting a 404 on the Cisco site.

        Are some 404s still out there? Sure. Are they getting taken care of in a timely manner? Absolutely!