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Social Media Summit: Final Day Wrap-up #ragancisco

After two days of action packed and informative sessions, today was the final day of the Ragan Social Media summit at Cisco. We had a great lineup of speakers, including a special closing keynote from Brian Solis. Before I share a quick recap of this exciting day, let’s take a look at some of the trending topics during today’s sessions from our @CiscoSocial twitter handle.

We had a total of five presentations today divided into two tracks — Internal and External Communications. Stephanie Marx (@steffymarx), and Marie Gassee kicked off the morning session with an engaging presentation on social media monitoring and engagement. The Engagement Flow Model shared during this presentation provided a succinct and organized way to respond to your social media audience.

In the Internal Communications track, Angela Sinickas (@sinickasa) shared her thoughts on how to tie social media communications to business results with different tools, techniques, and resources. Angela encouraged people not to track just the raw numbers on social media platforms, but companies should look at what’s behind the numbers for true measurements.

Terry McKenzie (@tmacwords) reminded the audience during her presentation that social media is not free, and it takes a substantial amount of resources to support this endeavor within an organization.

The closing keynote from Brian Solis (@briansolis) was exceptionally encouraging. Brian opened his presentation by saying that social media’s impact on the organization is far greater than our view of it today. Brian made several great remarks during his presentation; highlights from his keynote are as follows:

  • Social media is all about ‘democratization’ of information.
  • Present social media as a strategic ‘enabler’ to your executives. You will most likely get buy-in when you tie social media strategies to the organization’s goals.
  • Social media has added a fifth element in the traditional Four P’s of the marketing mix. This fifth element is all about ‘People’.
  • Provide your customers with a reason to connect and follow your company on social media properties. Simply asking your customers to “Follow Us on Twitter” or “Connect with Us on Facebook” is not a true engagement.
  • Don’t use social media superficially, and don’t pretend that you are trying to solve a customer problem. Attempts to placate customers aren’t enough.
  • Companies need to design rich social media experiences that deliver tangible value. Otherwise, dissatisfied customers are likely to unfollow your brand.

Brian designed his presentation deck, “Twitter Friendly,” so that the audience can quickly share his nuggets of wisdom on Twitter. Check out all the tweets and learn more at #ragancisco!

In a nutshell, the last day was packed with informative sessions.  Here is a quick video of what one of the participants thought about this summit!

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  3. Social media has changed the face of business forever. Before social media business websites were little more than billboards, one way communication only. Now with Twitter, Facebook and the like, consumers can now interact in realtime with your company about products and services they are interested. Just imagine what the next ten years will bring to online commerce.

    • I agree in your social media support. as far as the last question is concern about next ten years. to find that fist we need to know whats coming after social networks. what is the extreme point of this revolution. is it right now or still to come. I believe one day will come when we not require to type or talk to go social. a day will come when we will exchange our thoughts while sitting silent. then we will need more efficient spam filter to work with our brains :D