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Social Media Summit: Day One Wrap-up #ragancisco [Photos]

The Ragan Cisco Social Media Summit is in full swing with Day 1 officially kicking off this morning. Yesterday we warmed up with some energetic pre-conference workshops. (Read about the pre-conference session.) The conversations were flowing and #ragancisco was humming. Today we managed to take that momentum and get #RaganCisco buzzing, trending both locally, in San Jose, and globally.

We covered it all! The summit had 2 tracks with 11 speakers covering topics like, social strategy, proper social content, setting your corporate voice, product innovation… just to name a few. To show you our most popular topics, here’s today’s word cloud from our Twitter handle, @CiscoSocial.

Here are some highlights from today’s summit:

  • When you make it simple to allow users to share your content with their own Facebook friends, the compounded audience reach to all the friends of your fan, combined with the high probability that a friend’s recommended content is more likely to be consumed because of trust is an exciting possibility that will fuel our goals.—Peter Yewell, Facebook
  • It isn’t the masses toeing the company line, rather a few passionate employees that tend to be the ones that are too excited to wait for the company to respond. Adobe brought them in behind the scenes so that they understand why Adobe has not responded or why Adobe responded the way they did.—Maria Poveromo, Adobe
  • 57% of corporations acquire customers through their corporate blog. – Shel Holtz
  • A recommended read, ‘The Future of Work’ Thomas Malone. –Harbringer Kang, Cisco
  • Don’t forget about your global audience! Adjust your tweets to accommodate the different time zones. Yahoo uses a 24 hour posting schedule to include them in the conversation. –Lucas Mast, Yahoo
  • Best practices for community building. Set your strategy,  let your community lead the conversation, measure, nurture, harvest. Repeat.—Chip Rodgers, SAP
  • Before setting up a social account, monitor the conversations first and then determine your volume and tone. Measure with consistency. Listen everywhere and monitor before you respond. – Sudha Jamthe, PayPal
  • Trust employees to build the internal social media community and have some fun! Here at SAS we try to bridge the gap between professional and personal employees life on their intranet. Lastly, cross functional collaboration enhances odds of success.—Becky Graebe, SAS

View images from today’s summit:

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*List of Day One Speakers

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