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Social Good and the Networked Platform

December 2, 2010 - 0 Comments

The long tail and how it has affected philanthropy.

On December 1st, I wrote a post about Networked Philanthropy.  I received some great feedback in a short period of time, including a link to data that backed up a theory I had.

One Bill Gates can give a million bucks, and have a big impact, but 10 million regular Joe’s can give $1 and have 10X the impact.

Amazingly, the link that Sean Stannard-Stockton shared with me, specifically refers to the Gates Foundation, and the ratio wasn’t even close to what I had suggested, 20% macro and 80% micro, but rather 11% macro and 89% micro, according to the Foundation Center’s Foundation Directory Online.

Figures drawn from the Foundation Center's Foundation Directory Online.

I will need more historical data to back up my theory based on Katherine Fulton’s work, but this is all moving in an interesting direction. As governments struggle to deal with the current economic situation, is it possible that socially conscious individuals will pick up the slack and change the world?

Courtesy of Katherine Fulton

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