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Smart page offers power steering

February 28, 2009 - 1 Comment

Remember the Product Gateway page we updated while back? This one below? We have just added something new that you can’t see: The new Product gateway page is “smart.” First, some of the content at the top is personalized based on your interests. Second, and just as interesting, the content on the page morphs depending on where you’re coming from on image For instance, suppose you are visiting Cisco’s Small Business area, shown below, and you click on the global navigation bar Products & Services link…image Since you came from the Small Business area (shown above), you get a different view of the Products & Services page (shown below) that specifically features small business products at the top of the page (compare to the view of the product page at the top of this posting)… image These featured products at the top of the page link back to specific product areas of that are tailored to small business. Web analyst Marty Gruhn at SiteIQ put together a short video demo of how this works. (Marty is a web site expert, not a CCIE, so forgive the pronunciation of 801.11n, but it’s a great video):

Says Marty: “From an industry perspective, there’s no doubt that is at the forefront of adaptive behaviors that promise to streamline and enhance the visitor’s experience… This example is just one smal step in what proimises to be a really interesting evolution.”Enjoy!P.S. Just in case you are curious, here is how the old page looked before the upgrade: image

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  1. I did not know this news! I think this heuristic resource based on the user experience is fantastic and surely will bring more conversions for Cisco, as well as better serve their customers and users.Thanks.