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Serious Virtual Worlds

September 14, 2007 - 2 Comments

logo.jpgYesterday, I had the honor to keynote the Serious Virtual Worlds conference in Coventry. The conference is entirely focused on serious business applications for virtual worlds and there were an excellent number of presentations throughout with some very innovative applications and platforms. Here is a link to the slides I presented, and I’ll post the links to the video of the session when they post it in the next few days.

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  1. Dan,Very valid point. Two comments:1) What we have done a poor job of doing is listing all of the events we do that do not entail travel, as we are reticent to turn this into an 'event blog' except where noteworthy.2) The organizers of all of the recent RL virtual world events that I have attended have all been asked the same questions...Why are you having a physical event versus a virtual one?"" I think & hope that we wont have to hop on planes, at least for these types of conferences, much longer. While the market is still nascent, as it is today (we are still doing education, judging by the number of raised hands during Q&A), we have a bit of a paradox in asking people to use tools they cannot yet get their heads around.Not being argumentative, please understand, as I wholeheartedly agree. I think the 'no travel required' conference is on the near horizon, but sadly not yet.Christian"

  2. While it's great that Cisco is spending time and resources to discuss this interesting space, can you please save us all the hype and rhetoric about how where doesn't matter"" and ""this will make us more green"" when your lead blogger constantly tells us about how he's flying around the world to attend these live conferences on virtual worlds. You'd think the virtual world crowd would figure out better ways to eat their own dog food."