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P.S. More business twitter tips

October 13, 2009 - 3 Comments

Marty Gruhn at Web analysts SiteIQ, who follows IT industry sites, has some good insights about what works and doesn’t for businesses in that space.

Although I’m not sure Cisco’s Padmashree Warrior and other many other popular twetters will ever subscribe to Marty’s advice to separate work posts from personal posts.

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  1. Twitter has migrated from personal networking to extreme spammy business networking. Though we can find some 'rare guys' who are still using twitter to be connected with their friends and relations, most of the guys (including me :Laugh: ) use twitter for SEM,SEO purposes. Though twitter 'offers' a strong nofollow, the mileage that we can get from twitter is amazing. Many sub-sites copy-paste the tweets including the links and feeds to their 'not nofollow' pages. This can be benefited in a great way. I could see many of my tweets in many websites which still brings traffic to my blog. Isn't it a great thing overall? Of course, I'm addicted to the 'free advertisement' skills of twitter. Flek.

  2. Twitter can be immensely powerful within any internet marketing plan, and to facilititate an efficient customer communication channel.The difficulty is engaging with people rather than just throwing information at them!Some interesting points.

  3. Thank you for the link. I have been having a slight difficulty finding twitter tips geared towards businesses.