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Best of Virtual News : IMO

November 14, 2008 - 4 Comments

I got a ping recently asking me to post more consistent blogs recapping my take on the top five virtual world announcements. The requestor was asking for a weekly recap-to which I replied ‘gulp, how about we start off with monthly’? So without further ado-here is my take on the announcements within the last (ok this blog will be more like a 6 week review) month in no particular order.1) Google Earth Gets “4D” Capabilities And Revives Ancient RomeI think the idea of being able to be immersed in a historic space to teach, explore, learn, or play will change the way different cultures view one another, increase the future generation’s awareness of the importance of world history and offer the opportunity for people who can’t travel to still immerse themselves in a place in time. How cool is that? Way, imo.2) Virtual Reality Helps War Heroes Recover From BurnsThis is one of the more heart warming uses of virtual reality, burn patients wear virtual reality goggles and immerse in a game called”Snow World’ (natch) to take there mind off of painful treatments they endure. Watch the below clip and see for yourself!VR has come a long way baby-3) A Realer Virtual WorldIn April we had a TechChat on the Internet of Things (which you can watch below) a concept of a world where inanimate objects communicate with us and one another over the network via tiny intelligent object. Recently Forbes wrote an article on an effort MIT has underway to build sensors designed to tie real and virtual worlds together. “These devices are designed to be like wormholes that let you tunnel through to a second reality,” says Joe Paradiso, MIT. “Second Life is detached. We’re tying it into the real world.”Sign me up for a badge ASAP!4) NASA Selects 3 Proposal Teams for Learning Virtual WorldBeing a space junky (yeah, shuttle launch tonight!) I paid attention when NASA announced they where creating a Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO). In late October NASA announced that they have whittled it down to three players who will present at Goddard Space Station, and yes I am jealous. You may ask why would NASA create an MMO? They sum it up well on their site,”The power of games as educational tools is rapidly gaining recognition. NASA is in a position to develop an online game that functions as a persistent, synthetic environment supporting education as a laboratory, a massive visualization tools and collaborative workspace while simultaneously drawing users into a challenging, game-play immersion.” Nuff said 😉5) Second Life Opens New World of Opportunity to Ontario StudentsThis article discuss how educators are using Second Life, blogging and other web 2.0 type tools to disrupt the normal learning process and engage more deeply with their students. This one is near and dear to our heart as well here at Cisco as we are passionate about technology and learning. In March we held a Second Life TechChat on Learning 2.0 which you can watch below, excuse the audio as it isn’t the best quality.Empowering teachers and students with technology-simply rules.I didn’t include one of my own posts — cause that would be totally shameless pandering, unlike what follows — about our Cisco Live in Second Life TechChat on the open developer Cisco Application Developer Platform taking place on November 20, 2008. We had our rehearsal today for this one and I think it is going to be a very interesting discussion. At the last moment we were happily able to add an external speaker to the mix. Corey Wilson is a Product Specialist at Sagem-Interstar for the XMediusFAX Fax over IP (FoIP) solution suite and he will discuss the new XMF SP and its use of the AXP interface to replicate faxes back to the data center based on available bandwidth. I encourage all you Linux developers to come out and explore the opportunities AXP offers and learn more about the Think Inside the Box contest now under way. We hope you can join us for this discussion in Second Life or on the web via this blog.Is there a piece of virtual worlds news that you think should have made the list? I don’t doubt it and encourage you to comment accordingly.

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  1. Rich, thanks for the links. Just downloaded (58.8MB), I will check them out later.

  2. Thanks for the tip Rich. I will check these out for sure.

  3. Ever since the google earth was launched i have been using it. It allows to see the world without ever having to leave your desk. It has been used as a learning tool and some people just find it quite addictive to sit and view various parts of the world.Most people think it’s live satellite imaging but if they knew it was only made up of old photos taken at various zoom levels patched together, it may lose a lot of appeal. Personally I think its good software just not something google should be investing millions into unless they find more uses for it.

  4. A quick tip that might be worth looking into ... the Cobalt MetaverseProject has been doing some amazing things and the platform nowsupports Google 3D warehouse models (KMZ & Collada .zip formats).Sites of interest are: (The main project website)& (a K-12 initiative leveraging the Cobalt work)Cheers!Rich=================