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My Pinterest case study – of cows and dress sizes

July 23, 2012 - 4 Comments

My busy schedule allows no time for negativity or newsfeeds with an agenda.  Pinterest connects me to the brighter side of womankind.

My childhood home in the Pampas was modern and urban, but I prefer to remember the cows.  Between my neighborhood and the river, there were corrals full of black and white Holsteins. They woke me up every morning with their mooing, and somehow I learned about the circle of life through the freshness of the milk and of the steaks my mother bought across the street.

I was never a farm kid, on the contrary, I am about as much of a city girl as anyone could be.  Maybe it’s because I live immersed in technology that I prefer to remember my idealized pastoral childhood.

When I need to take a mental vacation, I choose scenes from nature.  How many women of my age, background, and circumstances like to do the same?  I am a marketer after all.  This question must be answered.  That is why I created the “Cows of the World” board on Pinterest.  I’m not trying to sell anybody anything, I just want to share my favorite photos of cows, and invite others to pin theirs.

Through this board, I’ve made new friends from every corner of the world.  Before I could invite each of them to pin on my board, I had to follow at least one of theirs.  So, I chose boards with themes that appealed to me, obviously.  What wasn’t obvious at first, was that this would lead to my finding new brands.  Although none of my Pinterest friends were actively selling anything, they did share products that appealed to them.  Those products also appealed to me.

This is how I discovered Mikarose, a modest fashion line for young ladies.  I have made sure that their pretty yet modest designs become a part of our goddaughter’s wardrobe.  I also found IGIGI, a dress line for plus size women, only to discover that their dresses are too big for me.  Well! I may never shop based on  fashion magazine ads again.  The way a designer dress looks on a size zero model is not the way it’s going to look on me. Pinterest shows me real women, wearing real clothes, in real life situations.  I can relate to that.

This is the Internet Generation in action. The promises made by Cisco over a decade ago are now reality.  Today, we build our own newsfeeds, and choose to connect globally, in a positive way.

Join me on Pinterest.  Let’s focus on the happy images we can share online.


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  1. I agree, Lexi. Pinterest is replacing magazine subscriptions for many users precisely because of the relaxation and visual stimulation factors you mention above. If women are browsing and participating in Pinterest instead of buying fashion magazines, then we should look into what publications Pinterest can replace for males. Technology design? Sports?

  2. The Pinterest site/concept is fantastic. It can help me be productive, or it can be a great place to just unwind with some visual candy. It can inspire, motivate, and even act as a method of crowdsourcing (since people are informally “voting” on the most popular ideas by repins.) I just wish that Pinterest did not have a stigma or label of being a “girl’s” website. I can think of many areas where the Pinterest concept and interface would be extremely useful for men, too. Hopefully it will grow in adoption with male users over time.

  3. Thank you, George! I hope you’ll join us on Pinterest to keep exploring the possibilities of positive messages through images. I actually got my first male follower on Pinterest today, a real bloke from London. Follow his Olympic board at

  4. It’s nice to see Cisco has been playing a vital role in the development of IT infrastructure. I agree it was just a dream almost a decade ago to be able to make our own newsfeeds but now it’s a reality. I loved the title of your Pin Board “Cows of the World” on Pinterest. We have been speculating long that Pinterest is primarily intended to cater female audience. Persons like you are making full use of this amazing website. I think it’s really nice to do non commercial work when you are a marketer and it’s nice that you are not using your pinboard to sell anything but making others share what they feel is good.