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More Quick Usability

September 23, 2009 - 2 Comments

A while back, I was talking about various ways to do faster remote usability tests.  Here’s another technique that doesn’t really yield usability data, but does capture top-of-mind impressions from volunteers.

It’s a site where you can post an image, and visitors will write their first impressions of the picture after seeing it for five seconds.

The site is, based in Australia, and here’s an example of the kinds of comments it gathers from users:


These are based on the following picture that I posted of our home page:

While the results aren’t terribly scientific, they do help you understand what people remember from a single image flashed for 5 seconds.  If you’re adventurous, the site also has a click test. Both tests are free.


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  1. We agree. This is more a curiousity than a core part of the toolkit. Interesting, though!- Martin.

  2. It's a neat idea and surely has a place in the UCD toolbox. But initial 'top of mind' impressions are naturally just a tiny part of the kind of data you want to collect. I find that the newest batch of remote testing tools can generate a lot of good data about what"" users do - and sometimes think - but fall short in terms of revealing the ""why""."