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Meet Sampa Choudhuri: Accomplished and Recognized Cisco Blogger

August 6, 2012 - 0 Comments

Sampa’s blog posts on the Cisco Small Business Blog have obtained a strong following from audiences who are attracted to her writing that’s interesting, useful and straightforward.  

Cisco Blogs Program Manager Lindsay Hamilton recognizes Sampa as one of the company’s top bloggers. According to Lindsay, “Sampa publishes quality content that’s both engaging and meaningful. She has the skill of being able to take a complex subject and convey it in a way that’s easily understood and digested by her readers.” I couldn’t agree more based on the number of Retweets, Facebook views and “Likes” that her posts have received. Not only are readers recommending her posts on Facebook, but the posts themselves are also receiving traffic directly from Facebook.

What are the secrets to her social media successes? We recently sat down with Sampa for a short interview to find out.

Tell us about yourself and the work you do at Cisco.

“I am a Solution Marketing Manager for Cisco Small Business Wireless and Routing Portfolios. My interests lie in increasing awareness for Routing and Wireless technologies within Small Businesses and making it simple for them to understand and decode the technical vocabulary and jargon. This way, they can easily understand the business benefits that these technical features provide and how they can increase productivity, reduce costs and gain competitive advantage.”

How do you find the time to integrate blogging into your day job?

“I consider it a part of my job to increase awareness of Wireless and Routing technologies, which in turn increases awareness of our products and solutions. Cisco Blog is a great platform on which to do that. Our blogs are often quoted in different publications for reference, so in turn, it increases awareness for Cisco Small Business as a whole.”

How has your engagement on the blogging platform helped your work?

“It’s good to get direct feedback from readers and know that the topics you have blogged about are relevant to your target audience. Time to time, readers have told me that the tips that I’ve provided in my blog (for example, on How to Setup a Secure VPN, How to Fortify Your WLAN Security) have helped them, and this is quite rewarding.”

What are some of your blogging lessons learned you’d like to share with our social enthusiasts?

“First lesson I learned was do not try to pitch products to people. Rather, try to understand their needs and how a particular technology helps solve those needs. The content of the blog should be easy to understand and apply. Try to decode the technicalities, such as speeds and feeds of a particular technology, and try to talk about benefits and how customers can apply the technology in their business. Don’t be an advisor or pretend to be an expert. Rather, try to be an enabler and helper for your target audience.”

Meet Our SMEs” is a new blog series designed to acquaint you with some of our behind-the-scenes Cisco SMEs (subject matter experts) who have gone above and beyond to integrate social media into their day job. In addition to introducing you to their background and areas of expertise, we have highlighted some of their social media achievements and best practices. We hope you find these SMEs’ stories interesting and possibly even applicable to enhancing your own social media practice.

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