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Meet Omar Sultan: Data Center Blogger and Twitter Expert

May 14, 2012 - 2 Comments

With over 180 blog posts under his belt, Omar shares secrets to his Twitter and blogging successes as well as his main motives for utilizing these platforms for his work.  

Having been at Cisco for nearly 13 years, Omar has spent his most recent working years as a Data Center (DC) Senior Marketing Manager, focusing on Networking DC Architectures and Emerging Technologies. As a long-time user of popular social channels blogs and Twitter, we interviewed Omar to learn some of his social best practices and tips.

How and why do you use Twitter for your work?

“I use Twitter for a couple of reasons. It’s a really great way to gather real-time information, and I like to keep an updated pulse on what’s going on in the industry, what topics are at top of mind for customers. Also, our team leverages Twitter to update our fans with relevant information about new product launches, campaigns, events and more and then see whether or not our corporate messages are getting traction. If our message is misunderstood, we step in very quickly and take corrective action to shape it in a way that’s effectively communicated to our audience.

I use my personal Twitter handle to post my personal perspective on matters and any interesting content that I find from time to time. I also help contribute to the DC Twitter account to not only amplify the team’s messages but also be a source of useful information that’s all-things DC-related. It’s important for us to act as a general resource of high-quality DC information and not simply as a conduit of Cisco messaging.”

Tell us about your blogging practice.

“Blogs are the antithesis of Twitter—they’re a long form communication through which we can have more nuanced, in-depth conversations. My main goal of blogging is to educate and entertain others. I want my readers, who have spent 15-20 minutes on my blog, to leave feeling like they’ve learned something and have gotten something out of it. There’s plenty of traditional marketing materials, assets and channels out there, so with this platform, I try to focus on filling in the gaps to educate people rather than preaching or marketing about Cisco.”

How do you find time to participate on various social channels and integrate it into your day job?

“It’s pretty simple to keep up to date on Twitter especially using alert tools such as Growl on the Mac. As for my blogging strategy, I always integrate it into what I’m currently working on. For example, if we’re about to have a competitive campaign, that is the content I’ll blog about for the day.”

Any social media words of wisdom to share with other social practitioners?

“Be authentic. If you’re authentic and transparent in how you communicate, you can be successful with your social practice. Also, remember to be patient, and have a thick skin. If you’re a beginner user of social media, it’s a good idea to observe and understand how things are running in a certain community of users to get the ebb and flow of that platform first.”

“Meet Our SMEs” is a new blog series designed to acquaint you with some of our behind-the-scenes Cisco SMEs (subject matter experts) who have gone above and beyond to integrate social media into their day job. In addition to introducing you to their background and areas of expertise, we have highlighted some of their social media achievements and best practices. We hope you find these SMEs’ stories interesting and possibly even applicable to enhancing your own social media practice.

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  1. Ah yes, Kim, I am pretty sure there are a few stories you can tell from the early days. I was lucky to have some very clever and VERY patient people to help me along in the early days. 🙂


  2. Nicely stated Mr. Sultan. And to think, I knew you in the days of “what’s a blog?”