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Meet Liang Si: A Pioneer of Corporate Social Media in Greater China

March 15, 2012 - 0 Comments

Meet Liang: Role Model for Greater China Social Ambassadors

Based in the Greater China Systems Engineering team, Liang is a social media pioneer who has naturally established himself as a leader of social media for other Greater China social ambassadors through his exemplary social activities on Sina Weibo (China’s most widely used micro-blogging site akin to a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook) and Cisco China’s Online Community.

In particular, he is revered for his constant active two-way engagements on social platforms.  After becoming a member of the Cisco China Online Community, he joined 27 topic groups within the online platform. From then on, Liang has not only published work around 16 different topics, but he has also eagerly contributed to the community with rich content about the company’s cutting-edge technology.

How Liang Optimally Uses Social Media

The Greater China Social Ambassador Program is part of a company-wide initiative designed to help China SMEs boost their interaction with each other and with Cisco customers by using social channels more frequently and with more depth. Since Liang joined this program, he has displayed thorough comprehension of the customers’ needs as well as an ability to satisfy those needs through social media. He stood out from the vast majority of the ambassadors by promptly answering technical inquiries from customers, proactively driving new topics, and delivering Cisco’s high-tech content in a timely manner. Consequently, he received immediate positive feedback and evoked community members’ interest with Cisco in general, which has also led to increased discussion with other Cisco employees. In this way, he was able to strengthen the bridge of communication between Cisco and customers.

In the meantime, Liang also started his social journey on the Weibo platform while representing Cisco. He supported official Weibo owners by answering followers’ questions and shared his insightful thoughts on the channel. Although he is based in a Chinese city located in the western region, through his participation and social engagement, he managed to set a good example for others throughout the country by sharing his knowledge and expertise to a broader customer group. As reported by his social media managers Daisy Lv and Cindy Lu, Liang’s dedication and passion has also inspired other ambassadors to engage more enthusiastically and to a greater extent on multiple social channels.

Social Media Tip from Liang

“First, I have enthusiasm for my work. With enthusiasm, passion, and perseverance, you’ll be able to set aside time for your social media activities. Second, with a love of technology, you’ll be able to help others as well as improve myself.” 

Learn more about Liang and his social media and his social media work:

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