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Meet Jaime Valencia: Newest Member of the Cisco Support Community Hall of Fame

May 10, 2012 - 0 Comments

Jaime’s daily contributions to the Cisco Support Community over the past 6 years have not only helped establish him as a Unified Communications thought leader but also reduce extraneous company costs.

The Cisco Support Community is an online technical support community on which company employees can interact with and respond to questions from Cisco customers and IT professionals. Oftentimes, SME contributors like Jaime who resolve customers’ technical issues by responding to questions on the community have greatly helped avoid opening unnecessary Technical Assistance Center (TAC) cases, ultimately diminishing company costs.

The Cisco Support Community Hall of Fame

The Cisco Support Community Hall of Fame is an exclusive group which highlights top individuals who have showcased long-term contributions to this community. Jaime is the most recent addition to this elite group which consists of a total of 8 members. His high quality contributions over the past 6+ years in the Collaboration, Voice and Video communities are said to have made a significantly positive impact to the overall online community.

Jaime’s Social Activities

Jaime is a Network Consulting Engineer specializing in the Cisco Unified Communications (UC) portfolio of solutions on the Planning, Design and Implementation (PDI) team. Although Jaime is involved with VXi technologies with PDI from the UC perspective, he studies VMWare View and Citrix ICA to get a better understanding of the technology of the whole.  Jaime claims that self-studying also helps him participate on the Cisco Support Community in a more effective manner.

Every day, Jaime volunteers his free time to respond to customers, partners and prospective clients on the Cisco Support Community. Through diverse channels including discussion forums, webcasts, blogs, Ask the Expert events, documents and more, Jaime actively shares his knowledge and expertise with others on this site.

What motivates Jaime to be such an active participant on this online social platform? “I started back when I was in TAC, my TL often told us that he found info about issues and how to solve them there. At that time with the workload it was hard to go to NetPro and answer questions. When I got into PDI I started to have some more free time and that’s when I visited netpro more often. I noticed that I could assist people there with the knowledge I’ve gathered over my time in TAC and really liked the feeling of helping someone. And I’ve keep doing that ever since, with my job as a PDI engineer I get access to a lot of documentation and training  which allows me to answer questions on new topics/issues. It always nice to have someone thank you and give you a nice rating for that help you provided.”

How does he keep up with his activities on the Cisco Support Community aside from his day job?

“I usually have some free time when I’m not dealing with my PDI cases (replying emails, doing research, reaching the BU, etc), taking training or reviewing documentation and that’s when I go to CSC and see what’s new in there that I can help with. There are days in which the workload just doesn’t allow any free time and I have to put my PDI responsibilities in first place. Days when I go work on my lab or work on the VXi lab I also don’t have a lot of time to spare. I usually like to spend about 30-40 minutes minimum reviewing the new threads during the day, but that can become 2-3 hours if I don’t have anything else to do at the time.”

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