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Meet Greg Smith: Mastermind Behind 2 Award-Winning Social Programs

May 16, 2012 - 0 Comments

On an everyday basis, Greg has demonstrated exemplary blogging skills, but his contributions to award-winning projects that innovatively used social media to connect with fans are not to be overlooked.

A 12-year veteran at Cisco, Greg Smith is a Marketing Manager for Cisco’s Service Provider (SP) Routing & Switching platform. He mainly focuses on the SP Carrier Grade IPv6 solutions (CGv6) and worldwide marketing of Cisco’s Edge solution portfolio, which includes products such as the ASR family of routers.

Greg’s Unique Blogging Talent

Being his team’s lead for global communication efforts, this SME is involved with much of the blog-writing and editing on the SP360 Blog (check out Greg’s Cisco blogger profile). Many of these blog posts have been featured as Cisco’s top 5 blog posts (based on number of number of hits) due to Greg’s attractive writing style which easily captures readers’ attention. Particularly notable is his gift for writing intriguing headlines and connecting technological topics to life analogies as is exemplified with his blog article relating Internet gaming to 100 GB technology and this one showcasing his video on how the network is relevant to NOOAs mission to protect the environment. 

As successful as Greg has been with his blogging practice, the highlight of his social achievements have been comprised of his contributions to two exceptional projects—Cisco myPlanNet Game and the ASR 9000 “Robot Arm” demo—for  which he acted as the concept designer and promoter. What’s more, both projects were selected as winners of the B2B Marketing Awards in two subsequent years!

The Fun, Educational, and Relevant myPlanNet Simulation Game

The whole idea behind Cisco myPlanNet was to allow users to walk in the shoes of a Service Provider CEO while they took a trip down the network evolution memory lane. Fans could try their hand at managing and growing their own business while it evolved through various technological advancements from 1980 to 2010 (here’s a promotional video).

This game truly showcased a unique way of reaching and engaging with a new audience (which was mostly comprised of students in the 18-24 age group demographic). Furthermore, the project generated social watering holes to maintain active dialogs with fans around various technical subject matters and to cross-link back to Cisco blogs when appropriate. Today, the myPlanNet community has grown to over 92,000 fans.

Viral “Robot Arm” Video Campaign Helps Influence Over $80M in Revenue

Similarly up to par in terms of innovativeness, Greg and his team created a viral video campaign affectionately called the “Robot Arm Demo” to promote the Cisco ASR 9000 Edge Router. Fans were challenged to use a robot arm to pull out the route switch processor card and then surprisingly enough (unlike the competition), note how this did not interrupt its continuous streaming video.

Individuals were given a real-life experience of using non-stop video through this simple but appealing video demo. The video campaign resulted in a preference for Cisco and ultimately influenced purchase activity of over $80M in sales. Wouldn’t you agree that this was quite an ingenious method of leveraging social media to drive financial results?

“Meet Our SMEs” is a new blog series designed to acquaint you with some of our behind-the-scenes Cisco SMEs (subject matter experts) who have gone above and beyond to integrate social media into their day job. In addition to introducing you to their background and areas of expertise, we have highlighted some of their social media achievements and best practices. We hope you find these SMEs’ stories interesting and possibly even applicable to enhancing your own social media practice.

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