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Meet Doug Alger: Master Data Center Blogger

May 7, 2012 - 3 Comments

An IT Architect with over 15 years of experience within Data Center, Doug practices AND preaches a number of different blogging best practices.

Doug’s blog posts are interesting, customer-centric, and boast wide readership. Perhaps due to his background in Journalism, he knows how to hook his reader’s attention from the start. Through his Cisco Blog website, he shares his Data Center expertise and real-world experiences from the Cisco IT organization with an informal and personal tone of voice. 

Doug’s blog posts are exceptional in the sense that he uses innovative methods to share content and displays advanced blogging skills. Moreover, Cisco Blogs Manager Lindsay Hamilton has praised his practice of using tags. For example, he always adds the same tag for all posts in a particular series; consequently, he can easily promote his blog and organize it on the blogging platform since WordPress creates a unique URL for each tag.

Data Deconstructed Blog Series

Perhaps one of Doug’s most commendable social activities includes creating the “forum-like” blog series “Data Center Deconstructed,” through which he has shared useful information about Data Centers since March 2011. This series encourages readers to ask any questions related to Data Center, and then Doug answers them with video blogs containing self-recorded videos. With his frequent and creative blog posts, he has helped generate excitement and drive visits to the Inside Cisco IT Blog on which he publishes his blog posts.

Watch this short video in which Doug introduces the Data Center Deconstructed blog series:

Preaching Blogging Best Practices

What’s more, this SME volunteers to spread his social media wisdom during internal, virtual social media workshops known as Blog Champion Calls. So far, he has shared his video blogging best practices as well as writing techniques for how to engage readers with effective titles and good flow of content. And he’s already scheduled for his next call during which he plans to talk about his experience of live blogging during an event and his lessons learned. I look forward to learning more from Doug during this upcoming call!

“Meet Our SMEs” is a new blog series designed to acquaint you with some of our behind-the-scenes Cisco SMEs (subject matter experts) who have gone above and beyond to integrate social media into their day job. In addition to introducing you to their background and areas of expertise, we have highlighted some of their social media achievements and best practices. We hope you find these SMEs’ stories interesting and possibly even applicable to enhancing your own social media practice.

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  1. Doug was my best hire ever! Pulitzer prize winning journalist with the LA Times as a stringer and hired into my Cisco team many years ago. His 2 (nearly 3) data center related books are a staple on my den book shelf. I still like a few books near by as a “Baby Boomer” 😉 He does great stuff online and his video blogs are fun and informative. Great work Doug! I *might* be biased 😉

  2. Wow!! Data Center its really amazing!! Thats Perfect!

  3. I love the Data Center Deconstructed concept! Somewhat like a video advice column. Very creative.