London Olympics 2012 Ticket Sales – Powered by Your Social Network

July 24, 2012 - 0 Comments

Welcome to the New World of Borderless Network (aka wireless technologies) leveraging the plethora of collaboration tools and apps widely available reaching millions of internet users witnessing the beginning of the Post-PC era. It is not surprising then that the collaborative power of social media has gained importance in our lives.

Speaking of passion, sports and movies, tops the charts for most Indians. And most have, at some point in time, either won or referred a friend to a cricket/football match contest on the radio or online, but how is it, when it comes to something as big as, the Olympics. What if I said, between the Athens and London Olympics, it is you who have influenced and continued to drive the sports ticket business using your social media clout and your power of the network. It surely feels good, doesn’t it? Here’s your proof: Did you know, one in five fans use social networks to invite friends to games, according to a recent report by the Sports Business Journal. Nearly 15% of ticket buyers say their purchases have been influenced by Facebook posts. The impact of social media has also increased revenue from ticket sales. Those who buy tickets through social media sources pay more than 1 1/2 times more than the traditional buyer.

Now, check out the full infographic below for an excellent example of how social media has impacted the sports ticket market and don’t be surprised if the majority of the London Olympics ticket sales is driven by social media since the last Olympics of 2004 in Athens.

Sports Ticket Infographic Source: Mashable


If you thought that was amazing, get ready for more. Learn how the National Basketball Association (NBA) has leveraged social media and jumped ahead in the game.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) arguably one of the premiere sports leagues to completely integrate social media into their daily content, has taken social media to a new level. The NBA and its affiliates currently account for 277 million Twitter follows and Facebook likes. On June 20, the first ever NBA Social Media Awards will be broadcasted on NBA TV. Hosted by Shaq and Rick Fox, the show will present awards such as Social MVT (Most Valuable Tweeter), Social Slam and Triple Threat. This is the first ceremony that will be completely dedicated to social media.

So have you bought tickets for upcoming London Olympics through social media? Which social media channel do you prefer and why? Would you do it again? Share with us in the comments.

And look out for the upcoming weekly post on Sports celebrities attaining iconic status by leveraging social media channels to its best.

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