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Live Mixed Reality Events on January 23rd and January 31st

January 20, 2008 - 4 Comments

So you asked for mixed reality virtual events via the Second Life surveys completed last year and comments on this blog…as promised we are starting off 2008 with not one but two live mixed reality events in Second Life. During these events you will be able to watch a Cisco Senior Vice President via live video (make sure you have the latest version of Quicktime installed) and ask questions to be answered live on air. I’ll post details on the January 31st event closer to that date, below are the details on the January 23rd event. So, on January 23rd at 8:30am Pacific please join us in Second Life to hear Jayshree Ullal, SVP, Data Center, talk about Cisco’s recent announcement regarding the Application Network Services (ANS) expanding portfolio. Including the business application vendors (such as Microsoft) jointly worked with to validate their applications over the Cisco network infrastructure and the new products added to the ANS portfolio. Cisco recognizes that business applications are critical to an organizations productivity, profit, and operations. ANS transforms your existing branch, data center, and campus networks into a business-enabling platform; ultimately reducing the total cost of ownership and enabling better utilization of resources.Looking forward to a stimulating discussion. Hope to see you out at the events.

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  1. Moriz,You are correct, we are still interested in SL, as we have been very pleased with the amount of customer and partner interaction we have been able to accomplish using it.For internal meetings, or more sensitive meetings, obviously it is not appropriate to use Second Life due to their architecture and certain components of their T.O.S.. As such, we use other more-secure tools for sensitive meetings, or take sensitive content out of the 'Second Life Stream' per se. We do have intraverses, internal virtual world platforms that we use for internal teams to collaborate within the firewall, as well as extraverses such as the partner showcase that we use with our application service providers and channel partners. In sum, these technologies are more of a 'how' to us than a specific 'where', although there is a 'where' component when we meet for events. We see the reach of these technologies getting more intertwined with traditional collaboration tools as well as other Web 2.0 tools to become another presentation-layer on data. Hopefully an aggregation layer too. ;-)Christian

  2. Hello, it looks like Cisco is still very much interested in SL. I was wondering if there are plans for Cisco to move to 'more private' worlds for privacy reasons, as suggested by IBM when they announced their own multi-verse effort. What's cisco take on that? Does Cisco use SL for internal meetings or is it only for outreach?

  3. Thanks for the mixed reality event put on by the 'always able' Cisco crew. The video streaming came in really well, demonstrating the power of virtual environments to host real life presentations.I took a few event photos and have posted them at forward to the upcoming mixed-reality event on January 31st."

  4. Yeah, like the mixed reality events, looking forward to these two.