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September 29, 2010 - 1 Comment

Even as gets bigger with more products, more solutions, and more technical resources, we work hard to keep it navigable, searchable, and useful. We hope you have noticed both big and little improvements on the site over the years.  

One way way we keep improving is by enlisting your help: We tap into the wisdom of thousands of customers and site visitors every year as we gather your input about what works well on the site and what needs to be better.

Here are a couple of my favorite blog entries on this topic of how you and your feedback help us every day:

Net Vets Help Us Improve shows some examples of the usability testing we used to try out new site ideas back in June at Cisco Live! We learned a lot from seasoned Net Vets, who helped us understand the most important content and support flows to create online.

Usability Testing with Customers Everywhere talks about how we use WebEx meetings to do remote usability tests and interviews with site visitors.

Usability Testing with Your Customers Worldwide explains how we apply similar techniques at gathering input to customers around the world.

More (and Faster) Usability Testing talks about other very effective techniques to do quick remote testing of new ideas for our sites.

Recording WebEx Meetings to Share Ideas is a good summary of how we use WebEx to share design ideas with our teams quickly and across time zones.

And a couple of my favorite posts involved advice from usabilty expert Gerry McGovern: Great Web Writing is Link Writing and Why Easy Web Sites are so Hard.


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    But everything is easier to find now.