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Just One Click to Help Change the World

June 9, 2011 - 0 Comments

Today, we are excited to launch our newest charity campaign, “Give a Click.”

From now until the end of July, Cisco will donate $1 to Teachers Without Borders and NetHope for every new person who subscribes to our YouTube channel (as well as current subscribers).

We believe people want to help change the world—and our Give a Click campaign makes it simple to do so. Just one click helps brings aid organizations online, gives teachers and children access to technology…and much more.

Making a Difference—One Person at a time

All of us reading this blog may take for granted that we can connect with people whether they are in a coffee shop in Shanghai, on a research mission in Antarctica, or even on a space shuttle. Even more important, we take our basic needs for granted, such as fresh running water and electricity, learning how to read and write—having access to teachers.

Yet so many people in this world lack all of these. One way to help is to bring tools, technology, and connectivity to people of need. That’s why we chose NetHope and Teachers Without Borders for this campaign—two charities that are using communication technologies to change the world.

Together we can:

  • Bring aid organizations online
  • Provide tools and technology to teachers and children
  • Improve disaster response
  • Allow all children to reach their full potential

Cisco has been working with these two charities for years, and now, with your help, we can make even more of a difference.

About Teachers Without Borders

Teachers Without Borders and Cisco have been working together since 2003 to develop online solutions to promote innovation, collaboration, and professional development opportunities to help teachers make an impact around the world. Free courses, resources and tools to help teachers around the world learn, connect, collaborate, and create online; in schools or community centers; in workshops and seminars; and on the radio.

About NetHope

NetHope was created through Cisco’s corporate philanthropy group to help wire the “Global Village” and provide tools and technology to help people in the developing world. NetHope most recently sent laptops to Japan in collaboration with leading technology companies, and graduated 39 IT professionals in Haiti with the NetHope Academy.

Just Give a Click

Subscribe now to our Cisco channel and we will donate $1 on the behalf of every new subscriber to NetHope and Teachers Without Borders. Share this message with friends and family, and together, we can all make a difference—with just a click!

What do you give a click about? Please let us know in the comments—we want to know what people are passionate about changing in our world.

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