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Jumpsuit Guy: Representing User States

- February 11, 2008 - 0 Comments

Today’s hero for our Web design group is Jumpsuit Guy:

AnonJumpsuit.jpg Jumpsuit Guy solves a tricky problem that most Web groups have: How do you plan out different states for personalization and entitlement or priviledeges? To understand how people use your site, you need a model like a flow diagram or site map. But to represent personalization or entitlement states, you need to show different users and their various states (anonymous, known but not authenticated, authenticated with basic privileges, authenticated with various special privileges).

Usually, such states are shown in a matrix — which is fine, but it’s hard to combine a matrix with any kind of normal model showing how users travel through steps in using the web site. Enter Jumpsuite Guy.By changing color or adding accessories such as a hat or feather, Jumpsuit Guy can represent not only different kinds of users but also their different states.AnonJumpsuit.jpg Anonymous visitor to the siteRecognizedNotAuthenticated.jpg Recognized user, but not yet authenticatedAuthenticated.jpg The same user, authenticatedRecognizedUserB.jpg A different recognized user with some extra special privilegesAuthenticatedUserB.jpg Authenticated user with the same extra special privilegesAuthenicated-B.jpg Authenticated user with a different set of extra special privileges (note the feather in the hat)Kudos to one of our design agencies, frog design, for creating this concept.

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