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How usable are social media streams?

October 12, 2009 - 2 Comments

An interesting post from usability expert Jakob Nielsen on the usability of tweets, RSS feeds, etc.

Summary is at the end: 

“The good news is that we can only go up. Users do want these messages. In moderation. If they’re good.”

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  1. Hi,thanks for the link. I don’t know whether I support the ‘wrong usage’ of social networks or not. In business terms, yeah I must do that. Because when everybody else is making use of that, to survive in the battle, I also go there. But not even the support of 1000 Reasons gonna make a wrong thing good. Its true that Social networking sites had lost their soul.I’d be honored if you have a look at my blog, where I have a post about the ‘new strategies of social networking‘Thanks.Flek.”

  2. Thanks Martin,I have come across your article its very great help who promoting business through social media. Now ad days Social Networking is booming up now.