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How to Draw a Cisco Logo (in 3 easy steps)

June 18, 2010 - 7 Comments

Not a week goes buy that I don’t find myself in a meeting drawing web pages or architecture diagrams on a whiteboard, and thinking: “Wouldn’t this picture look even better with a Cisco logo?” (Especially if it’s a web page or network diagram, of course.)

Fortunately, Nathan Curtis, who is one of our design vendors, has come up with a quick three-step process to add an almost-perfect Cisco logo to any whiteboard, paper, or online drawing you might be doing:


To make the logo even more official looking, you can make the two tallest tines slightly deeper than the others, and add a small TM after the word Cisco.

Thanks, Nathan!

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  1. When I was first getting into graphic/logo design I'd practice by constructing replicas of those well known logos of top companies. Never have I done a Cisco one though!Quite a simple and effective logo I might add, I gave it ago just for fun on my own without the tutorial. Probally took an extra hour to do though! But its a good problem solving execise.-Scott

  2. I see that Mr. Curtis really knows what to do. It will take me a little bit more efforts (using a computer) and I do not want to comment if I have to draw the logo on a whiteboard.

  3. This brings back memories for me. My friends and I used to have little contests in middle school to see who could best redraw professional baseball team logos. I always did well with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

  4. Nice and simple video. The fact that it was short goes to show that it is simple to draw the logo for those that are interested. I have drawn this logo many times when I have been bored, but I usually do it another way (which now seems long compared to this).

  5. I'm a web designer and I love to create web sites and logos. Most I like simple logos like Cisco's, which users can easily remember and not confusing it with other logos.

  6. Very clever way to draw the cisco logo. I've been trying to figure this out for years.I have a cisco bag and although I see that logo every time I use it, I couldn't figure out this logo.Thanks a lot Nathan. You are a life saver.

  7. Never would have thought about doing it like that,yes, Nathan did it the easy (and right) way.Kudos mate! :)