How Things Work (for Small Business)

October 31, 2010 - 1 Comment

When I was younger, I loved “how it works” books.  Well, I still do.

So, my heart warms to see the interactive “how things work” interactive diagrams that we recently introduced on our small business pages. These diagrams show diagrams of typical office environments, and you can click on individual items to zoom in and learn more about a particular topic or product type.

You can see these interactive diagrams at the “How Does It Work?” tabs for Communication, Security and Connecting Employees.

Here are some pictures from the one that talks about technologies that make it easy to employees to communicate between locations:

How communication works diagram

Which zooms into an explanatory close-up:

Close-up of How Does it Work?

Here’s another close-up example from the Security area:

P.S. We also have some good videos, like the one explaining what kinds of technology you need for a small business communications network.


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  1. Excellent Diagrams for office.There are easy way to communication between two or more persons.I like to follow this diagrams for our new office.Thanks for sharing information.