How Cisco Operationalizes Social Media for Repeated Success (slides included)

February 14, 2011 - 1 Comment

I presented at the Social Media Strategies Summit last week sharing the steps and process our team has gone through to operationalize social media. I actually did an interview with Cindy Kim late last year for her blog, How to Operationalize Social Media – Cisco Style! which inspired me to formalize what we did into a presentation to share more broadly.

It’s been just over a year now that our centralized social media marketing team has been formed and I am proud of all we have accomplished in that first year. We didn’t just start engaging in social this past year which is what made the challenges for our team greater – Cisco had many enthusiasts and socially engaged teams throughout the organization for 5+ years but all were doing so with very little guidance, governance and collaboration with each other. Within the past year we have put a training program in place, increased collaboration across the company eliminating duplication of efforts, put a social brand in place for Cisco, standardized on social listening and engagement tools, formalized a process to enable the many teams across Cisco in a scalable way, and started a concentrated effort on social media integration among many other things. Here is a copy of the presentation (apologies for the formatting, that was due to the Scribd upload) – enjoy!

UPDATE – I replaced the Scribd presentation with PowerShow which formatted the slides properly!

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  1. Hi LaSandra – Fantastic preso, practical strategies and frameworks. You’ve demonstrated that social media doesn’t magically happen, and requires infrastructure and discipline to scale and optimize. Thank you and Cisco for sharing your learnings.