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Home Page Update

September 22, 2008 - 2 Comments

As you may have noticed we’ve just updated the design of the home page. First, let me note some things that we didn’t change:

  • The top of page navigation works the same way and has the same items. We looked at changing these, but they’re working well today and we felt there was no reason to toy with success.
  • We haven’t removed anything from the page. You can get to all of the same destinations as before.

Here’s a picture of the new home page design as it rolled out this past Sunday: image The changes from the last version of the home page are subtle, but we hope you’ll like them:

  • A bolder, interactive center area (see more below)
  • A section featuring new products that you can click through to see a series of new featured products (not just the one product we used to show)
  • A new link to the Cisco site area
  • An overall cleaner, simpler look

I think a really neat feature is how the center area expands out to become more interactive when you click on the “expand to learn more button”: image We’ll be posting more about the new home page in coming weeks. Enjoy!

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  1. How does Cisco handle the news ticker headlines? Does someone manually rework & shorten the actual news headlines to fit the ticker character limitation?

  2. Where are your lowercase t’s ?Are u’s next?