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Hello World: The Web Experience

September 28, 2007 - 5 Comments

This is a new blog about, from some energetic members of the is comprised of around two million total pages, covering 6,000 products in 470 families in 18 categories (with 20,000+ product-related pages alone). Our sites sport hundreds of embedded videos (a number growing all the time), countless podcasts and subscription videos on many interesting topics, and scads of technical discussions. And, there are 74 country sites… hosted in 35 languages. As you can imagine, there are some mighty challenges to running a web site like this and keeping the design and content fresh: We’ll be writing about these, and we’ll give you some ideas about how to solve similar design and development puzzles you might have on your own web sites. Some of the things we’re planning to write about are: — All of the continuing improvements we’re making to the site (so you can keep track and make sure you’re not missing anything) –Behind-the-scenes notes about how we design and develop things with you in mind –Trends on the web, especially around the human network and user experience –Periodic sneak previews of early beta features on Cisco.comPlease feel free to chat with us via the comments on this blog, and via your continuing comments into the web sites. We’re listening!

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  1. Patrick, thanks for catching the typo! (And others, thanks for your good wishes!)

  2. Martin, good to see you active again! I always look forward to your insights.

  3. 2 millions pages? You want to purge some of those, Martin. How about a re-brand? That normally does the trick :)Glad you've got back on the blog trail.

  4. Do any of you Cisco team members collect art? I make work about communications and use satellite imagery in some of my work. On my website it will be the Super unNatural"" series.I think it would be cool for a ""techie"" to have a handmade completely untechnical painting about tech stuff in their office. If Cisco has an art consultant for purchasing works for the company please pass this along. I'm sure this is an unexpected blogger comment but I have to say I love what you guys do and I'm so influenced by it that I make art about it.Thanks for your time."

  5. Seems like their was an error made. I believe it should say 20,000 instead of 20,0000. The Human Network is after all 'Human'