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Giving your time and spirit

December 24, 2009 - 4 Comments

Normally on this blog we tak about digital experience and the web site, but I thought I would change the pace a bit and tell you about a great team activity our web teams did recently.  Literally one of the best times I have had at a group event was recently when our Web team spent a few hours helping out at the Second Harvest Food Bank in San Jose, California.

Second Harvest is where local nonprofit agencies turn to get donated, surplus, and purchased food at no cost. Last year they distributed almost 40 million pounds of nutritious food to South Bay families. They’re very organized at Second Harvest and set us up assembly line style to load pasta, cereal, beans, and canned meals, veggies, and fruit into individual boxes which then can be distributed to local nonprofits and on to local families.

As you have probably read elsewhere, Cisco as a company is very supportive of employees giving our time back to the community, and many thousands of Cisco employees are involved in all varieties of volunteer acivities throughout the year. I think group activities like this are particularly rewarding since they get a whole team involved. Several teams from our web and marketing groups got involved at Second Harvest this year, and will continue to do so.

Of course, it feels good to help out an agency that provides the makings for so many nutritious meals. But it was also rewarding for the folks on our team to work together on something other than our day job of producing Web content for We’re definitely going to sign up for this again, and if your organization is looking for a rewarding “teambuilding” activity that can do some good I heartily recommend a group volunteer activity such as working at your local food bank, planting trees, cleaning up local parks, or myriad other activities.

Here are some photos from our experience. Happy Holidays from the web teams!


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  1. This is a great success story! I would encourage you or your team members to post this blog internally to Cisco Citizen. (Just use the tag: givingback)

  2. In my area charities across the Bay Area are struggling to meet increased demand for toys and food as more middle class are now in need and struggling to make their house payment. Great effort Cisco's part.

  3. It is great not to forget about the team making all this possible. I was astonished to see so many young faces. So everybody claiming that young hearts do not care any more seem to be wrong.Thank you for the post and the faces. And go on not to forget about the eal life"" - people who are not so lucky as we are. Great job done, go on."

  4. Good to know. I am definately bookmarking this page.