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Give the People What They Want

December 17, 2010 - 2 Comments

Understand what your fans want, and help them help themselves.

A few weeks ago I blogged about how we gave admin rights of the Networking Academy fan page to the top fans. In the private FB group I set up for them to collaborate, one of them commented that our total active monthly fans was constant at 90k, even though we’d gone from 100k to 150k total fans in the past 10 weeks.

They started to collaborate on how to generate more relevant content. They decided to share mini networking lessons as well as daily quizzes. The ambassadors set up a wikispace to collaborate, and a WordPress blog to share full lessons with the fans.

The results have blown me away. Our monthly active fans have been amazing! (Facebook defines monthly active as viewing, liking, commenting or sharing your pages posts)

Out of a total 153k fans, that’s a 77% Monthly Active User base. Please share your stats if you have a similar or better ratio of activity.

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  1. Hi Charlie,
    actually we have a client with 98% of monthly actve users. U can check the statistics at
    Yehuda is a Agent of Change in Education and is one of our clients at Absot marketing.
    Vanessa Fuentes

    • That’s awesome Vanessa! We’re starting an education blog here soon, and I plan on posting there. Also, check out This is an education thought leadership organization that we support.