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January 17, 2012 - 12 Comments

What are you doing on February 14, 2012? Mark your calendar for a date with us! Cisco is hosting a day on The Social Enterprise (Part 1) as part of Social Media Week, a week-long event series dedicated to what else…social media. You can join this event live or via our UStream channel. Registration for the live event is required and hurry because space is limited for this free event. (Advance registration for the UStream channel is not needed). The hash tag for the entire week is #SMWSF but for our day at Cisco, we will be using the #SMWCisco hash tag to monitor and respond to questions related to our event. If you want to chat with us, send your tweet to @CiscoSocial.

As we’re getting ready, we will share with you some behind-the-scenes doodling and words of wisdom from our distinguished speakers. Let’s get started.

In his recent report “A Strategy for Managing Social Media Proliferation”, Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) urges companies to follow 5 pragmatic steps. As you walk through these steps, you’ll find that executive buy-in and support are critical in wide-scale social media adoption. In his afternoon session, Jeremiah will explore how today’s modern executives are using social media to lead, connect with customers and forge their company through their industry. Secondly, he’ll explore what business teams inside of a company require in order to be successful as they build their programs.

Using Jeremiah’s term, Cisco’s modern executives, Carlos Dominguez (@carlosdominguez), Senior Vice President (a.k.a. “The Tech Nowist”) and Sheila Jordan (@CiscoSheila), Senior Vice President, Communication and Collaboration IT, will kick off the fun-filled day with an executive dialogue moderated by Karen Snell (@kcsnell), Social Media Communications Manager. Carlos will tell his story on how and why he has become an avid social media user and Sheila will take you behind the firewall. She will highlight how you can prepare your IT organization to help drive adoption of social media and collaboration technologies. This dialogue will focus on understanding how a company can embrace social media at the executive level while protecting its intellectual property.

A Few Thoughts from Our Executives
Since February 14th is still a few weeks away, we want to leave you with some thoughts from Carlos and Sheila. “Social media to me is so much more than social networking sites. It is that plus mobile plus video plus online collaboration technologies. All of these are becoming increasingly important in how we communicate with our friends, family, customers and partners. Knowing how to manage the proliferation of these technologies in the workplace is not optional, it’s required. Companies must understand that social media is not just about how we deal with the technology itself but it’s also about the people and the process”, says Sheila.

Then Carlos adds: “Social media is not a fad.  It’s here to stay and changing everything along the way.  Social media is transforming how people communicate and collaborate, and in the process, is giving everyone a voice and the ability to change the world with a single tweet.  People now have the power to voice their opinions or to organize millions to rally against causes or injustices.  We have much to learn, teach and share with each other.  We hope that you bring your stories and knowledge to Social Media Week at Cisco so that we can truly be social!”

We hope you can make this event in person or online and promise to get you out in time for your romantic dinner with your sweetheart at a cozy restaurant overlooking the ocean. In the spirit of love and friendship, I just want to say that we are thrilled to be a part of this event with other companies such as Adobe, SAP, Intel, eBay, AOL and more. If you can’t get enough of “The Social Enterprise” topic, then hop over to SAP on February 15 for Part 2.

About Social Media Week*
Social Media Week is one of the world’s most unique global platforms, offering a series of interconnected activities and conversations around the world on emerging trends in social and mobile media across all major industries.

The current lineup with topics for Social Media Week San Francisco can be found here. Registration for Social Media Week San Francisco events begins January 17. Click here for information on how to register.

*The “About Social Media Week” section has been reproduced with permission from Beyond Digital Consultancy.

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  1. Nice post, i just want this kinda post right now and i found it ! Looking forward to attending it.

  2. Registered. Looking forward to learn more from you.

  3. Sounds like a great event. Jeremiah Owyang is a known expert in social media. I think I’ve benn following @jowyang on Twitter since since May of 2008.

  4. Looks like I found this post just in time! Thank you. I look forward to this event.

  5. Thanks! This one looks really cool,Looking forward to attending it.

  6. Petra,

    Can’t agree more with Jeremiah Owyang’s comment on how critical executive support, not just buy-in, is for successful corporate social media adoption. Just recently, I have en programs implemented by national companies fall flat for lack of a commitment to support.

    Vince DeCarolis
    DeCarolis Design a
    & Marketing

  7. I plan on attending “If I Had a Crystal Ball…The Future of Social Business.”

  8. Looking forward to this event!

  9. great post, petra. we will be there! hope to meet you and carlos beforehand. best, scott