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Get Verified on Google+ to Avoid Getting ‘Brandjacked’

November 17, 2011 - 1 Comment

Bank of America was recently “brandjacked” on Google+. Avoid this fate for your newest Brand page by getting your Google Plus page officially verified. Much like Twitter’s verification, it gives your fans the comfort of knowing that they are engaging with you and not some imposter(s).  Also, unlike Twitter, more than one Brand Page can be created with the same name, so the need to differentiate the real accounts from the fake ones is even greater.

How to get verified

  1. Add the URL of your website to the About section of your page.
  2. Add a Google+ badge to your site to confirm ownership of that site.
  3. Request a verified checkmark by sending an email (“send feedback” at the bottom right of your page) and include the following:
    • Name of your business
    • URL of your new page
    • URL of your site

Best Practices: Other tips for your Google Plus page

  • Multiple administrators are not currently available, however they are in the pipeline. A work around, although frowned upon by Google, is to create your page with a generic Google Account so you can don’t have to share your personal account if you need multiple admins. (Update: Google+ Integrates With Social Media Brand Platforms)
  • Connect your Adwords account
    • Within Adwords – Go to Extensions à Social Extensions à Enter Google+ URL
  • Vanity URL
    • Currently Google+ does not provide vanity URLs; however, some other services exist solely for this reason. For example, claim a shortened URL at
  • Analytics – “coming soon”

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  1. Alright, I’m doing this and hope it works. Of course, it may take awhile knowing Google. In the future people can check my G+ URL, which I left as my Website in the comment URL box, and see if it worked. Thanks for the advice, Alex.