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Fashionable Footers

October 7, 2008 - 3 Comments

There once was nothing lowlier than a footer of a web page. It used to be — and still is — where sites put all of their necessary-but-ancillary links that needed to be on every page: Copyrights, Privacy links, Feedback, Company overviews, etc Recently, there has begun to be a trend of sprucing up footers. Here are some pictures we took recently: IBM has a pretty standard footer, but the visual treatment of the bar allows for extra goodies like the “sandbox” polling: image ZDNet has a “mega-footer” that’s almost bigger than some of these pages. I bet this keeps a lot of people on their sites whom otherwise would wander away, since it’s full of interesting things. image CNET also has a rich footer similar to the above.Facebook not too long ago added a static “utility” bar to the footer that’s always visible. This is a nifty way to show persistent functionality that feels “built into” the browser as long as you are on the site. image And, LiveWorld has just introduced a tool called “LiveBar” that companies can, for a fee, drop on their web pages to provide an outlet for commentary and other social participation on the page. Like the Facebook bar, this toolbar is fixed to the bottom but when you interact with it, it overlays itself on top of the page in a translucent layer so that you get a lot of functionality but don’t lose context of the page you are on. image Footwear is becoming fashionable!

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  1. I love utility bar that Facebook added! Love the fact that I don't lose the page I'm on and that I can see what's going on at all times...

  2. Is there any way to customize the footer for different pages within a site? That is, each page with a footer and a structure of internal links and navigation differently.Thanks.

  3. FYI, there’s a new business social network platform called brandstation on-demand.