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Everybody’s Talking About Social Media…Including Cisco

February 2, 2012 - 0 Comments

Did you hear that Facebook filed its S1?  I thought so…as did the entire world.  There is some very interesting data coming out of the filing, including how many members it has (845 million monthly active users; 483 million daily active users), how much revenue it has (Revenue: $3.71 billion; net income: $1 billion), how many likes and comments per day (2.7 billion), how many photos uploaded per day (250 million) and how many friendship connections (100 billion).

So, what the Facebook S1 says to me is that not only are manymanymanymanymany people using social media, some are actually making some money off of it (see also LinkedIn, Zynga, Groupon, etc.)

What this means in my world is that I get to talk to folks about social media and give my perspective on the why’s and wherefore’s of it in a corporate world (or, at least Cisco’s world)…and more specifically in a corporate communications world.

If you want to learn more about social media, we have some upcoming opportunities for you:
As you may have seen from my colleague Petra Neiger, Cisco is hosting a day-long session of Social Media Week on February 14.  Please note that Social Media Week is global in scope and has many opportunities to learn about social…learn more here.

I am also presenting on a few social media panels coming up that I thought I’d highlight on the off chance you (dear reader) are in the area of one of them.

  1. Friday, February 3: “Social Media and Investor Relations” a NIRI Silicon Valley event.
  2. Monday, February 13: “Topical Influencers: Who are They and How do you Reach Them” a Social Media Week Event
  3. Tuesday, February 14: USC Annenberg School of Journalism Director’s Forum

And, how big is social media really?  Here’s another snapshot of just how big*:

*it is huge!!

(Thanks to @equalman for the video)

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