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Dreamy hoops on home page

April 9, 2010 - 4 Comments

If you haven’t checked out the home page this week, have a look.  There’s a great video about Cisco StadiumVision and how it transforms your experience as a fan.

Also cool is how the video zooms deeper when you start it to take over pretty much the whole page, and can expand out further to fill your whole screen.

When you land:

Once you click to watch the video:

Yes, the home page is almost as much fun as being at the game!


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  1. the redesign looks great and images are really sharp.definitely a good web design work.

  2. Wow, Increadible site, do this site uses flash 9 or html5 already?

  3. Nice design on the homepage. It’s have quite loaded time though. But it is ok. It’s just my internet speed could hardly catch with such design lol. But overall, It is a clean, advanced and to the point.

  4. Great share, Martin! Such dynamic graphics! I really look forward to more web changes! You guys always set the standard!