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Design Tip: Recording WebEx Meetings to Share Ideas

May 24, 2010 - 4 Comments

If you work on design or development of digital experiences — or of anything else, for that matter — you probably often have the need to demonstrate and share ideas with people who may not be with you in person. Of course, if they’re available somewhere else on the planet at the same time, you can share things live via a WebEx Meeting.  But what if you can’t find a common meeting time? Or a new person is joining the project next week, but isn’t here today? Or you just have a four-minute explanation to show that’s not worth gathering everybody into a formal meeting?

More and more, I am solving these types of challenges with recordings of very short WebEx meetings that I can then share with the distributed members of our teams. We used this feature extensively when designing some of the recent home page updates such as the interactive menus (shown here).



On, we use recordings of WebEx meetings in our design process for:

  • Sharing explanations of interactive behaviors, as an adjunct to written specs, for use by our technical teams.
  • Quick overviews of key usability findings from recent tests.
  • Short demos of other sites we like, for use by our designers and technical teams.
  • Recordings of technical discussions, so that we can capture and replay the wisdom of technical leaders.
  • Recordings of usability tests with customers.
  • Interviews with experts about a topic, which can then be replayed by team members at any time later.
  • Longer formal presentations of a topic, so we don’t have to present the same thing to multiple groups.

When I am done recording, I simply email a URL to team members and they can click and watch at their leisure.

Sometimes my “meeting” recordings are only 4 or 5 minutes — a great way to concentrate knowledge in an easy to understand package. If you haven’t tried this, I heartily recommend it!

P.S. Depending on your configuration, if you’re just recording of one person (yourself) and dialing in via a phone, you may need to call in from two phones to get the audio started. Then you can drop the second line. Multi-person meetings require no special tricks.

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  1. Will definitely try WebEx for my business. Thanks for the tip regarding recording of one person.

  2. I am a huge fan and user of WebEx for both internal and external customer communications. Recording feature is top notch. Thx

  3. I am very glad to read this post. nice post cisco team… very appriciate

  4. Wow! WebEx sounds like a great program for businesses to talk to clients/staff without the hassle of finding a time that fits everyone’s schedule. Nice article too.