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Watch the Archive of the Networks That Know You, Identity-Based Networking Services TechChat

December 11, 2008 - 1 Comment

This Cisco Live in Second Life TechChat featured Shelly Cadora, PhD, and Ken Hook, technical marketing engineer, for Identity-Based Networking solutions at Cisco. During this TechChat, Cadora and Hook discussed how Cisco’s Identity-Based Networking Services (IBNS) help businesses by providing an innovative, scalable, and flexible solution to manage identity; the foundation for securing your network and business resources.View this online discussion to hear how IBNS:– Helps you understand and control who is on your network- Reduces overall investment by enabling identity of legacy hardware- Enables cost-effective management of changes throughout the organization- Is a scalable and more flexible identity solution, making it easier to deployClick play below to view the archive.We need your feedback. Please complete a brief survey on the Dec 11th event.Register for Cisco Live 2009 in San FranciscoDownload today’s presentation:Cisco IBNS presentation (PDF – 2.5 MB)Read the 802.1x technology foundation posts for this event:Part IPart IIPart III

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