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Cisco Live Virtual 2009…is Now Open

I told you earlier in the year that we were going to get even more immersive with Cisco Live Virtual this year and now I can share a deeper level of detail with you!imageThis year Cisco Live Virtual is going live along side our Cisco Live San Francisco 2009 conference. We know nothing can replace the on site experience but also realize that economics and travel restrictions may make that tough for folks this year so we are pleased to be offer a virtual alternative!So drum roll please…if you can not attend in San Francisco join us virtually on June 30 and July 1 from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm PDT and engage in:

  • Live keynotes featuring John Chambers and Padmasree Warrior
  • Live executive chats
  • 20+ live technical sessions (for paid subscribers only)
  • Live virtual world panel discussions
  • Live conversations using text or voice/video over IP with Cisco and Partner experts in the virtual World of Solutions
  • Scavenger hunts and prizes through-out the day
  • Peer networking in the discussion groups, lounge and blog center

Just like Cisco Live San Francisco 2009 there are guest and paid subscriber options to attend Cisco Live Virtual, register now. TwitThisIf you are visual like me sometimes seeing an overview is more helpful than reading about it. A quick flash movie was created to recap quickly the highlights of participating in Cisco Live Virtual, watch the demo.Now let’s get a little deeper into the details regarding the virtual event agenda, peer networking tools and recap on the benefits of downloading the PDF attendee guide.We all know the heart of all events is content so to get a deeper understanding on the agenda here is a sample of some of the live technical sessions taking place each day from 12:30 pm — 2:30 pm PDT:

  • BRKCCT-1103 Introduction to Cisco Unified ICM and Contact Center Enterprise Reporting
  • BRKNMS-1204 Introduction to Network Performance Measurement with Cisco IOS IP Service Level Agent/
  • BRKSAN-1701 Introduction to Storage Area Networks
  • BRKVVT-1300 Introduction to Enterprise Video Technologies
  • BRKCRT-1852 CCNA Wireless: Prep Session BRKRST-2031 Multilayer Campus Architectures and Design Principles
  • BRKSEC-2005 Deploying Wired 802.1X
  • BRKSEC-2201 Emerging Threats
  • BRKVVT-2013 Designing and Deploying Cisco Unity and Cisco Unity Connection Session
  • ITMCOC-2778 Cisco on Cisco: Inside Green IT

Again this is just a sample of the content being featured on June 30 and July 1. Visit the Cisco Live web site to view the full agenda. Please note that paid subscribers will also get access to hundreds of technical sessions captured on site at Cisco Live San Francisco 2009 starting in July. Cisco Live Virtual access is complimentary with a full Cisco Live San Francisco 2009 conference pass.Another reason many people attend event is for peer networking. You will find that achieving this virtually is easy with many options:

  • Rich profiling with personalized tab capabilities to feature your RSS feeds, web pages, images and more
  • Profile matching tool allowing you to run pre-defined or more advanced searches to find like minded peers
  • Show blog center where all attendees can read and comment on other attendee blogs and create their own
  • Groups where all attendees can join groups of interest, contribute to discussion threads and create their own groups

Of course if you do not know how to get to the content you want to see then a rich agenda is moot, same goes for having peer networking tools available if you do not know how to use them. We have many ways we can support questions from users…the usual email alias fun, during live show days we will have a phone number folks can dial into, the help booth in Cisco Live Virtual and an attendee guide folks can download for reference. The attendee guide starts with the profile section and then moves through the various tools in the space including how to participate in discussion groups, the blog center and find profile matches. Download it now and get acclimated to the Cisco Live Virtual experience.Looking forward to meeting you in Cisco Live Virtual, just search under Dannette and send me mail or chat live if I am online…which I usually am 😉

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