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Share’s New Small & Medium Business Area

- February 4, 2008 - 0 Comments

We recently revamped our site area for Small & Medium Business, and we think the changes are a nice improvement.Before:smb-site-small.jpg smb-site-2-small.jpg smb-mobility-small.jpgAfter:NewSMBMain-small.jpg NewSMBsolutionshowhelp-small.jpg SMBproduct-small.jpgHere are some details of what we changed and why…Before: Main Page SMB-site.jpgA nice collection of information above, but there’s sooo much happening on this one page: It’s a jumble of technical, product, and business information all together. For instance, if you’re a business person looking at this page, would you instantly know what “integrated technologies” are? And, would some of the “big company” content linked here be of use to you?After: Main PageSummitLiveMain.jpgThe redesigned page above is more focused. We think it provides a nice path to useful information whether you’re more business-oriented (where we show kinds of “I need to…” solutions that map to some of the new challenges of running a company) or more product-oriented (where we link to newly designed pages that showcase products and product categories). Also, there’s a nice spot at the top for showing videos of Cisco’s products in action.See the new Small & Medium Business Main Page live.Before: Technology Solution AreaSMB-Mobility.jpgWhile the example above is a fine page with lots of useful information, it’s a rather daunting list of things to read. There’s no real coherence to the experience here: What should I read first? Of the dozens of links, which are the critical things to look at? If I have limited time, what’s the short overview of what I need to know?After: Product/Technology PageSummit-Wireless.jpgWe combined some brief technology overviews with case studies and overviews of our product series.See this new product category page live.Also: A Business Solution ExampleSummit-SolutionsHowHelp.jpgIn this new design (in this case showing a more business-oriented page), we showcase a real-world case study in an easy-to-digest video, and then have organized the information into more bite-sized chunks under tabs. The same types of information are available as before, but they’re better organized and presented with more context.See this new solution page design live.And, a new look for product pages:SummitProduct.jpgFor product series pages, such as the one depicted above, we’ve organized information into easy to scan tabs. All of the technical background is still available (see the models page, which links to background on all the product models).See a live new product series page.Technorati Tags:

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