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Cisco Virtual Events Take Home Top Honors from Event Marketer

This week in Chicago, hundreds of event marketers came together to recognize the best experiential marketing programs of the year. Over 600 entries were culled down to three finalists per category and Cisco’s Global Sales Experience (GSX) was nominated for best 100% virtual event and Cisco Live was nominated for best hybrid (live and virtual) event. With major brands such as Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Kraft, Clinique, McKesson, Ford, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung, Bacardi, Nike and more competing for the best of show, the Grand Ex award.

Since the launch of these awards the Grand Ex award has always been won by a business to consumer event. This year the tables were turned and the award finally went to a business to business event when Cisco Live walked away with the coveted prize. Breaking new ground the event marketing community recognized the paradigm that Cisco Live’s hybrid model represents for events.

Winning this prize demonstrates the evolution of the event industry from just being about face to face experiences to encompassing a larger audience via virtual and hybrid event experiences. Cisco is clearly a leader in the space because the wins just kept on coming…

GSX was up against Boehringer Ingelheim and Citrix for the best 100% virtual event and won! This event clearly demonstrated the power of leveraging a virtual platform to replace a face to face experience on a global level for a tough audience, the sales teams at Cisco. GSX leveraged innovative alternate reality gaming, a dynamic graphical interface and compelling live content to create a new experience for the sales team to celebrate and gain inspiration for the coming year.

Cisco Live was up against Electronic Arts and GE Healthcare for best hybrid (live and virtual) event and won! The Cisco Live team realized their goal of reaching a larger global audience by extending the annual North America user conference to a remote audience via Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual. This platform is also the online extension for all the global user conferences and has been leveraged to extend the reach of the Australia and New Zealand, European and Middle East user conferences as well. To date there are over 190 countries engaged in Cisco Live and Networkers Virtual!

Cisco Live continues the hybrid model this year by holding a virtual event concurrent with Cisco Live Las Vegas 2010, view the agenda and get in on the action. The virtual water is fine!

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  1. Cisco has truly pushed the envelope on virtual in terms of collaboration, engagement and learning. Congratulations on the awards!

  2. Thanks Guy and Andrew! Virtual events are here to stay. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I am excited to see what the future holds as the technology continues to mature and evolve 🙂

  3. Well done! I love this virtual video stuff. Next up is a 3D virtual event!

  4. Congrats to Cisco! Two big wins.