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Cisco Live in Second Life: John Chambers QA on Collaboration

June 26, 2008 - 5 Comments

John Chambers, CEO, Cisco, is always the beloved keynote speaker at Cisco Live, formally Networkers. He really packs the house as he is dynamic and visionary so folks want to hear what he has to say, in person whenever possible. Now Chambers is going to pack the virtual house in Second Life. As mentioned in earlier blog posts he will be live in Second Life for a QA on collaboration after his Cisco Live keynote. We encourage you to join us in world at the Bandwidth Stage to ask questions and take part in this exciting event. Come early as spots will fill! And some folks said virtual worlds are dead…those of us working on Cisco’s virtual effort would beg to disagree. I know I personally do.Click play below to view the archive of the event

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  1. i am a student os ccna and i need 4.0 packet tracer and more materials on vlan and access list.thanks for your quick response

  2. I don't see the archive for this QA session here. The instruction says Click play below to view the archive of the event"", but that plays the live SLCN.TV I am referring to the link"

  3. Great talk by John Chambers. He seems enthusiastic about virtual worlds. Interesting comment about movement toward 'communities of interest.'Bring him back soon for another talk, very motivating! I like Dannette's hat (beret?).

  4. Tom R thanks for the comment. Which video are you referring to? If you are referring to the machinima posted on, I thought the machinima of John inviting folks to participate in the Second Life QA was well done. This machinima was used in world to invite avatars to come and participate in Second Life. It was leveraged on the Virtual World blog so folks would understand conceptually the type of event we were going to hold.

  5. What is with the ridiculous animated video?