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Share Toolbar: Collapsible

October 22, 2010 - 14 Comments

Recently I mentioned that we’re adding a “collapse” feature to that toolbar at the bottom of pages.  That toolbar update is scheduled for this weekend.We got some spirited input from many of you who wanted an ability to click the bar out of the way, so now the bar:

  • Will be slightly shorter
  • Will include a button to collapse to the left
  • Will remember its collapsed state across sessions of the same browser
  • Will float, so that if you have a wide screen it will float the to left

Expanded state:

Expanded Toolbar

Collapsed state:

We’ll continue to refine, and later I will post a bit more background on this and other aspects of our recent updates.

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  1. Martin I have certainly noticed that Cisco web pages are taking a lot longer to load than they used to. The Product pages are a good example. While visually the site does look good it seems to be at the expense of actually retrieving the information which i think defeats the purpose. The Cisco web site is a fantastic resource, better than any other vendor i have come across so please don't ruin it just for the sake of some nice visuals. Jon

    • Thanks, Jon. I will follow up with you via email. The page weights are actually about the same, but there could be other factors if pages seem to be rendering slow for you.

  2. I would like to request that Cisco review the collapsing pages in the product areas. As a Cisco partner I am always moving back and forth and sometimes the products collapses when it shouldn't and vice-versa. One other complaint, please stop the Chat w/Cisco box. I understand your trying to help inexperienced users, but it's on the top right of the product pages, that should be enough (I hope). Other than that I think the site looks good and the broken links don't bother me that much. Thank you.

    • Thanks, Collin. I will follow up with you for an example of the collapsing since we are doing some work on that component right now. Sorry about the pop-in... it shouldn't come back once you dismiss it but let me know if it isn't behaving correctly.

  3. I think the bottom toolbar should be Collapsed by default and out of the way. I am not logged in all of the time so saving it as a preference doesn't work. The links provided on the toolbar are already in the top right (Login, Account, Register) and offer no value. They do however take up my valuable screen real estate which I want to use for CONTENT. I loath the "Chat Live with a Cisco Representative" floating box that interrupts my reading of the content. Let's get it out of the way, make it a static link on the top, etc.

    • Hi Tanner, It will remember the setting via cookie even if you are not logged in. Thanks for the comment; we're still looking at additional options!

  4. I also agree with Brad. "Bad Request" thing is annoying. When this "feature" is in progress, everything is "Bad request" even feedback form ;( Page load is realy bad. For me (I'm on 5Mbps link) Front page: 1m 6s (onload: 18.26s) Support page: 27.76s (onload: 24.55s) Maybe in US those times are better, but in Poland you must be patient.

    • Hi Mirek, I sent you a separate followup email asking about some browser settings.

  5. I also agree with Brad, your site take too much time to load a page...

    • Personal Vaporizer guy: I emailed you a followup. Thanks!

  6. I'm going nuts attempting to add bookmarks within the new mycisco workspace.

  7. Hi Brad (and everyone), Though we run link checkers regularly, if you encounter broken links or other problems, please take a moment to send a comment via the feedback link at the bottom of every page. We really do read all of your comments and route them to the responsible teams. We also follow up on individual issues regularly. As you would expect, though, we can't follow up on specific issues we don't hear about. The more you tell us the more we can improve.

  8. Hi Martin, It's my personal opinion that your Cisco Web Team has TOTALLY ruined the once superb "functionality" of Cisco's website with "dead links" everywhere, "https" URLs that return nothing but "HTTP 400 Bad Request" errors, and incredibly long "wait times" for Cisco's web pages to render. Cisco's website has become all "fluff" with no substance. In other words, under your Cisco Web Team, Cisco's website is becoming TOTALLY USELESS! Sincerely, Brad Reese