Cisco’s “Connected Life Exchange” Blog Honored by BtoB for its Storytelling Techniques

March 22, 2012 - 1 Comment

The Connected Life Exchange (CLE) Blog is not just another Cisco blog that talks about the company’s products and services. It’s a collection of stories, including a new documentary series, “The Network Effect,” that illustrates how service provider innovation of the “largest and most reliable machine on the planet”—the telecom network—drives economic development and improves quality of life, especially in developing regions.

A little more than a year old, this blog has one of the best visitor retention rates of all Cisco corporate blogs (as measured by ‘bounce rate,’ and ‘time on site’).  On March 20th, BtoB Magazine recognized the Connected Life Exchange at the Social Media Marketing Awards, remarking:    

“The whole package is refreshingly non-promotional and often fascinating. Cisco continues to innovate in the suddenly red-hot field of content marketing with an approach to thought leadership that emphasizes actual thinking.”

Watch this video highlighting The Network Effect to get a little taste of what this award-winning blog is all about:

So what’s the back story on CLE?

The Inside Scoop on CLE

This project was envisioned as Cisco’s first non-fiction multi-platform Transmedia Storytelling experiment. Initial blog posts introduced the beginning story ingredients (plot, characters, narrative, etc.), and videos further explored the topics with additional details and commentary.

Using engaging and thought-provoking techniques, the blog exposes the inherent value that’s being derived from ongoing communications infrastructure investment in the telecom network. Although you may think there are countless telecom technology innovations that have benefited society over time, CLE aims to demonstrate the collective impact of SP contributions. These powerful stories in turn help shape and influence public opinion.

In order to underscore historical and ongoing telecom infrastructure investment, Cisco collaborates with a team of independent co-authors and university professors who share a passion for this cause. Moreover, what’s particularly unique about CLE is that its storytelling voice has none of the typical corporate product pitches, PR or self-promotion.

The essential role and outcomes of all telecom infrastructure investment is unknown to many key stakeholders. CLE hopes to continue uncovering the mystery while utilizing more appropriate analogies to improve value comprehension and appreciation.

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  1. Kudos to the CLE blog team. Excellent video, well deserved award and recognition.