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Adventures as an Intern: Juniper Press Center and Huawei Newsroom

August 12, 2011 - 1 Comment

  My summer is officially drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean my time at Cisco is. It looks like I’ll be continuing to deliver content regularly and possibly contribute to The Network: Cisco’s Technology News Site. I’ll share more in my post next week.   However, I haven’t finished adventuring yet, and this week I chose to explore the newsrooms of two competitors:  Juniper Networks and Huawei.

   Juniper’s  Press Center is set up in the traditional fashion, much like that of Oracle’s Press Room from last week’s adventure. All relevant posts that have some relation to Juniper are featured in the center of the page, with sharing options of adding to browser Favorites, Digg, Delicious, and of course the Stone Age concept of email (just kidding!).

  Juniper  has  done a good job incorporating blogs written by employees into itshome page. The two blogs are titled “Architecting the Network” and “The Network Ahead,” and each profiles  the company’s current and future strategies. The rest of the page incorporates the usual press room components: Press releases and news coverage, as well as product reviews and an image and video library. Neither the image nor video library use social networking sites such as Flickr or YouTube to host this media.

  The Huawei Newsroom is also the typical corporate newsroom layout, similar to that of Juniper’s. However, it also has Picture News, which showcases a small thumbnail and a linked headline  that you can click through to the press release. This does not seem to have been updated too recently though, as the latest pictures are from May. Huawei also incorporates two of the “Big Three” social networks (YouTube and Twitter) along with Flickr and an RSS Feed. The use of graphics on the page helps to make it more user friendly, and encouraged me to click around a little more.

Key Takeaways

  Both Juniper and Huawei use their newsrooms to compile company-centric, B2B content. The majority of the content is produced by staff and is mostly press releases; company media coverage also resides on the sites.

 That looks like about it for this week.  Check back with me next Friday for more details, and while you’re at it, have a great weekend!

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  1. Hello Kati, I've been following your Press Center assessments with interest. It's helpful to learn more about the opinions of an industry outsider. Perhaps you will have observations that we hadn't considered before. Therefore, I'm wondering, what's your thoughts about the category tabs on the Cisco news site? From a Cisco stakeholder point of view, which ones do you believe are the most and least useful topics, and please explain why? Also, who do you believe is the intended stakeholder that's likely to be interested in the "Cisco Culture" and "Social Media" topics, and why is this content likely to be engaging for them?